Crouching Bull Dog and Hidden Dragon!!!

I have got my ability to think back!! Guess who should I thank?? I solemnly thank three people for this. They are Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Bryson and Marta Kauffman & David Crane. Ok that is four  I know. But yeah I have been reading a lot of Kurt Vonnegut and Bill Bryson on my way to work and  back home and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I know I should be giving the discs to the guy whom I bought it for, but JC also loves them, so the guy to whom originally belongs will have to wait.

Now apart from this what have I done?? I saw Crounching Bull Dog and Hidden Dragon. That’s what I would like to call the hindi Aamir Kahn’s version of Ghajini. Seriously people, if you had any preconceptions that it was going to be one of those movies that might impact the way you think like Taare Zammen par or RDB you are WRONG!!

Aamir Khan must seriously think before choosing the a movie. Asin has been throughly wasted. I know her role in Tamil was impeccable, but in Hindi something is seriously wrong!! Sutrum Vizhi Sudare and Oru Malai Ilaveyil Nerum can’t be beaten by tu meere adaa…. Surya can get away with a flick like that, but i doubt the die hard aamir fans can take this. Beat this Aamir walks about 1km in 15 mins and beats up 22 people. Yeah i counted during the last part of the movie. And boy, if I thought NayanThara had the ability to act dumb, she has been surpassed by Jiah Khan.  And i thought you had to be intelligent(atleast a teeny weeny bit) to get into a Medical College. Which kind of a idiot on the road is going to take Jiah Khan as a doctor.Come on all you medicos, do something about this!! Do you guys run away from the scene of an accident without helping a guy whom might have actually saved your life?? And in the last parts of the movie all she does is follow the trails of 22 guys who are wirthing in pain, tripping all over them?? And I thought all mum’s told us when we were 3 to look where you walked!! I know I still get that from my mother sometimes when I trip on the road. Mrs.Khan plz call up you daughter and talk to her.

The best part in the Tamil version was the first half, where Sanjay Ramaswamy says about thala genuthkum thannambikikum oru nool alavaku than stuff and all is sooper. You cannot totally  beat that part!! Aamir wears what I will call a Banian and goes in a BMW car. Can’t he stop showing to people that he was the sole bread giver to a gym owner for 6 months??The last thing which I still couldn’t understand is why was the villian’s name changed to Ghajini?? Wasn’t the name supposed to signify the determination of Sanjay ….. to kill the guy who made him like this?? Or did A.R.Murugadas suffer from a short term amnesia himself and forget history?? Mohammed Ghajini was the reason for the name in Tamil right??

The worst thing that  happened to me when I went to watch the movie was that I had bought 85 rs tickets and realized that I had to sat in the 3rd row, one behind the 10rs tickets rows. People if you are watching a movie in screen *4* of the KG big cinemas please don’t take the 85rs tickets. Go for the 10rs ones!!



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Mile sur mera tumhara??!!

Oh my gawd!! I have lost my ability to think!! I know it does sound very strange but yes. Apart form listening to the same songs in my MP3 player again and again I have not been doing anything creative!! I know cheh!! I need to get a life and fast. So now that I’m back home,(ok I can blog only when I’m home, you could have guessed so much) I have been watching a lot of those good old videos on You tube.

I was surprised that I could stil remember almost all of the lyrics of Mile Sur mera Thumara. Why don’t we have songs like that these days? Where have all the good ol people gone? I was surprised to see Bala Murali Krishna on TV. These days you don’t get to see him. Even if its Diwali or Pongal or some auspicious day like that you get to see a lot of other Great(yuck) people. Last time I tried watching Ongal Diwali Sirappu Nigalchi(it was Chi!!) I got to see a lot f dumb actors lying how good they were at school. Hell if you were good at school you would be somewhere else now dancing around in the cheapest suit possible and still get paid millions for it.

Now when was the last time you saw Kamal Hasan in an Natinal Integration song? By coincidence thebus in which I was travelling home form Coimbatore had a TV and they were showing Vasool Raja M.B.B.S the change in how he looks was like OMG!! I was seriously wondering if he needs help.

Mile sur Mera Thumhara!! National Integration has become a thing of the past. People now are not bothered anymore about what our culture is? Are the TV shows that we see these days so much related to culture( I am not even commenting of the quality of movies that we get to watch these days). Every Amul ad or even the old asian paints Ad that used to come on had some part that had the National Integration in it.People considered the Indian Army an integral part of all the ad’s.Now all we can hear ppl talk is about how their state is better than others. Seriouls ppl all I can say is get a life. Where did all the SST(social studies if you don’t remember the subject) go?? All the maps we drew and all the maps we bought for fun go? I still remember my big bunch of India Rivers and India States. Boy did we have a fun time coloring them!!

I am going to stop here.  Somebody told me that all my blogs are saddistic and I think it becoming true. I always have started thinking why is the world so crappy?? 😡 Cheh!!


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Mumbai attacks to K TV, What a connection!!

Well at last it does feel good.. Mama Am home!! After two whole months of no internet(orkut,gtalk and wordpress) at all, now am like a free bird. Well after going through my blog surfer tab I do find that lots of people have lost their creative thinking. Are all of you staring at the computer for 10 hours a day with a coffee mug in one hand?? Life has changed to a lot of people after the Mumbai terror attacks i guess, but suddenly everybody’s jumped into the bandwagon and have started writing about it. From the thina thanthi(I now read it in the morning Tea Kadai) to the DW tv that I get through my satellite televeision at HOME everybody’s going on about the Mumbai terror attacks. People I know this is something big but, please start thinking about what you write. Inida Pakistan relationship blogs have become very common these days, especially if you are living in one of  the border towns(both sides I must say) and are educated!!

Also I see that people also like to do tags. You can find all forms of obsure tags that ask you which kind of hair color you would like Kareena Kapoor to have to the ones that think they are going to be the questions in the next million dollar american game show. Well yeah it could also be remade with SRK and telecasted in the subcontinent next year. Coming to that I never was able to watch even one episode of Kya App Panchvi Pass…. It was never to the calliber of KBC.

Wow those days when KBC started I still remember there was a guy in my school who used to play KBC all the time. He would fgo around people asking questions from  the show and ask “Are you Confident,Sure??, Lock kar diya jaaye” not necessarily in the same order. After that I don’t think there have been any game show that has captivated our audience so much. I still remember, as a kid how I argued with Appa to make calls to Junior KBC so that I could (try and) win 1 crore!! Al l what I got for the reply was, “Who do you think pays you telephone bill.” Now  I have a phone and the most freakish call I have made from it was to K TV I guess. Thanks to Rik,J C and the hotel where I stayed(for free!!) as soon as I joined job, which had a TV. Well we were that jobless that we were trying out numbers of Neengal Keta Padal types shows and trying to talk. And yeh finally when we got through that guy wanted me to MIMICRY. I told him I could talk like someother person.  The guy on the show(wearing on of the reddest T shirt I have seen) asked  me who I was going to talk like, I replied my friend JC, and that guy hung up.


Oh my god! Mumbai attacks to K TV, What a connection!!


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He sat there. was open. He swore loudly. Why wasn’t he able to do it?? SAVE!! Everybody he met kept telling him the same mantra. When the payslip came,payslip never came these days, the amount was just credited to the bank account.”Oh god, the bank account”, he thought. If he didn’t call those retards there he would be having a medical insurance against his name for which he would be paying Rs.5000 every year. The best part was the insurance guys gave you the money if you where in the hospital for more than 4 days. Who went to the hospital these days?? He usually called a girl who had studied in the same school with him and now was AIIMS doing her PG in some branch of medicine he never asked her.Usually it was the same dose of antibiotics(he had had his last course only a month ago) or the fact that his back and head where constantly aching. He actually knew that going to the doctor at the end of the road on one Saturday evening might actually cost him less than his phone’s STD bill. But still that’s the only time he talked to her.He did talk to that junior from college whom he was seriously hoping about, and there was always the other girl who was in the floor above his, but still he couldn’t talk to mum. It costs calling up home ya. All the details he had to hear. Suddenly he was pulled back down to the earth, he had no money. He was poor. Yeah he did wear a pair of woodland shoes and his bathroom slippers where branded PUMA. He did POWERDRESS everyday to work and on Fridays went in clothes that had a brand tag hanging in every possible place. Even his socks where branded damn it!! Every-time he went shopping(which he did every sunday because it was boring at home) he bought couple of trousers and three shirts. Diwali is just a couple of months away and yeah we do have durga pooja before that. What about pongal?? Shouldn’t you look good at work? What will do by saving all that money? Are you going to take it to the grave with you? There where the questions that the clothes asked him whenever he saw them. But still he was poor. Should I ask dad to credit 3k to my account? He had just paid the rent to his landlord and has about 3 more weeks in the month. How could he have done it? He had sworn to himself exactly a month ago, “whatever happens, I would save atleast 10K the next month and another 3K goes into the Bajaj Pulsar buying fund.”But before that he needed those ray ban glasses. The sun’s UV rays might spoil his eyes. He might go blind. What was 5000 rupees before eyesight?? And in the morning when he went to drink tea in the corner shop down the road he had to wear the Nike shorts or those reebok tracks he had bought last week. He did swear to himself that he would start gymming(become a gympanzee??) after he had bought them. But the gym costs. He was POOR. All this had to be sorted out. Or he wold have to pay TAX. Why should he pay tax now? He was already paying taxes for whatever he was buying. Even the fortnightly meal he ate in pizzahut had tax included in the bill. He did occasinally glance at the neighbouring comp when the same website was open. How could that idiot have such a beeg bank balance? and worse part was the neighbour was going onsite in the coming month. Won’t people laugh at him there?? The neighbour didn’t even have a pair of Levi’s latest reg tags. How great he was. He proudly owned three of them now, so that he could wear them in turns on Fridays. But still his question remained unanswered. HOW CAN HE SAVE?? SHOULD HE START DOING THE COST CUTTING MEASURES LIKE HIS ORGANIZATION??


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Of Chaats, Pondicherry and Cbe!!

Well its been a long time since i wrote something. I can’t think about anything.Problem is I’m working and drinking tankard fulla coffees all the time, also I’m one of the lucky one who gets to travel through the country side and a lotta construction sites. Boy aren’t there guys converting all the fields into something much more productive and yeah now we know why we have so much of crisis for food products here in INDIA.

All this cribbing apart now I’m Simon and Garfunkel said every stranger’s face reminds me of all those people i know here. I mean now that I’m in pondy for a vacation. This is a small place, and after living for almost 2 decades I know everybody. Literally everybody and virtually too(with a lotta help from orkut). One thing I love about pondy is chats!!(i know lotta people out there like this place for a lotta other things, we’ll discuss those later!!!). Every road corner now has a shop that says Masala Puri – 8Rs or 10Rs or even in some shops 15Rs. Well there once used to be a time when someone I know very well described me as FOOLHARDY to masala puri. Now that I’ve gone from this city, boy do I miss those days of eating chaat in every small shop that opened in the city and if the chaat there was sad then we would go to our usual shops and have another round so that the taste buds felt good. Well if any of you are planning to come down, do lemme know. I can give you a detailed report of which type of chaat can be had in which shop and whether will you be able to make it to work the next day after eating that. There is this place nestled in the corner of Bharathi Street where Valli Vilas Gold house’s there. Its a classy place. For 10rs you could stand in the shades of the tall jewel palaces(!!) that surround you and eat a chaat which has been prepared right under your nose. There also this place near in the what used to be the Ajanta Theater Junction in MG street(now you could call it the Adithi Junction, yeah hotels have become damn common here!!) where you can sit inside in a shop with a Gujju aunty while the guy makes you a hot plate of chat, the only problem is its a bit too ticklish in the tongue, as in its got  weird taste that I’ve found no where else. These are two places i give you gurantee you can make it to work the next day. Now there’s this place at the end of the beach just opposite to the petrol bunk there. Recommened chat : Dahi puri. These guys have served so many thammbi customers that they themselves have started calling it Thayir Puri!! Now its cool.. tell the guy 50-50, he makes it half sour and half sweet. You do have a wonderful time finding out which is which.But it does tale a toll on your stomach. Well and if you are an ardent Bhel Puri fan, I’d suggest you go down to a shop near Saram. These guys are class.They even have a genset behind their shop so that they can have electricity. And you can sit in the three legged plastic stools that are there behind the shop(ok trailer) and enjoy a cool evening’s breeze while the ganapathi temple behind you is blaring some Murugadas song in 3rd rate speakers.

Now that you have an idea of how much i love chat. Come down to coimbatore, I’ll tell you PLEASE DON’T EAT CHAAT HERE. They are not chaat but they are coconut oil doused puris. Seriously, I did spend a whole day trying out chats in variuos places in Crosscut st, D B road or Sai baba Colony. Never once did they match the lowest range of chat I can get in the road corners in Pondy. For one the chaats here aren’t hot I say. Ice cold sometimes too. They do make them in coconut oil and the worst part is I had to eat chaats in a couple o places without potatos or Onions. And you can’t find channa that you find in the KOLAMBU(that’s what its apparently called in Cbe) which is poured liberally over your Puri’s that have not been properly smashed or holed in. Boy these guys need to surely come down and eat proper chat. Btw don’t ever try and eat Pani Puri anywhere in Cbe. He dilutes the Kolambu with water and add some weird green stuff that it reminds you of the cough syrup that amma gave you when you where 6 and couldn’t sleep in the night because of dry cough!! Now this does give me an idea of opening my own chat shop in Cbe. I could try using some technologies we use at work to manage my projects here!! Suggestions and Partners are always welcome!!


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Third Mistake of My Life

Read my last post and a couple of them before that. One can clearly make out in what kind of a situation I’m in now. No internet virtually. Office I have settle with my intranet page that is as vast as the www and guys above me keep telling me to search stuff in it. yeah i recently joined and training is still on. So its like i’m back to being the smallest kid on the block. but that only TIME can tell. All I can is as I’ve told always Lets See… Lets see…

So what do I do keep myself occupied? I read. And I read like hell. Almost done with 6 books since the past 2 weeks. Considering the fact that I still spend 8 hours a day sleeping ,around 8 hours in workplace and couple of hours everyday up and down cross cut street or around the race course, I’m into what I would like to put it as A BOOK READING SPREE. Now for all those non familiar people generally once i get into a spree its difficult for me to get out of it and I’ve a great brother who’s just given me 5 more books to contend with I AM HAPPY 🙂 :).

So here it starts. Guess what the first book I read was??

The Three mistakes of my life by chetan bhagat, yeah it was my third mistake too. Yeah i was one of those failing engg aspirants who were spell stuck by the way 5 point someone put IITs to be. Only did I much later realize that such things couldn’t even happen in a movie let alone real life. Yeah that was my first mistake. Thinking the world of Alok and how he actually managed to get (in!!) his HOD’s daughter. Well there was a time when I actually brainwashed some of my friends into trying out to being the nutcase 5 pointer, thankfully Pondicherry Univ was liberal not make me below 7 point someone and after my final years project grades now I’m happily above 8 point someone. that’s still low considering the fact that there is an girl in my class who poignantly remains 9.5 point someone 😛

Now came the second mistake. I actually have a close call between one night @ the call center and the Vertigo by Ashok Banker. I did like Banker ramayana but the Vertigo was completely Bonkers and i actually found the same kind of feeling or sensation when I read the same books one after another. By now I ha grown up and knew that life wasn’t like that. But still hell man, if I started a book I had to finish it. That’s how I finished a lot of books. Even Gone with the wind, yeah I actually read it. That has a valid reason why to i read it which I will divulge when time comes.

Well.. now come the third biggest mistake of my life. It was the latest book Mr.Chetan Bahgat hero had written. First two pages I knew what was coming. Religious fanaticism, the earth quake, a bright young boy and chick whom he sorry, sleeps with so that he has to get into the worst trouble in that particular secnario. Well in the end it alwasy happens to be our hero who comes to the rescue. Can’t he find somebody else?? Well as I rule i decided no more of the Bhagat crap. And yeah I would seriously tell you about how one can actually curse himself for buying that book and spending a whole lotta time on it and in the end wanting to stop the office bus and feed the book to the cow that is passing by. Now I’m looking for a loser to swap books with me so that I can permanently get rid of it. I would even swap it to Blaguruswamy’s ANSI C. People I’m not joking. Want it?? please leave your e-mail id in the comment space. Gurantee that I would take care of even the courier charges for both the sides 😛

UPDATE: people people just now somebody who reads my blog as soon as its written made me google our ever rajnikanth like hero mr.Chetan Bhagat, Salman Khan’s now him. yeah he’s acting in a movie that’s called Hello. Its based on the second mistake and the night down where you get a call frm god Himself. K you have to watch the movie 😉


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Every day in the morning it was the same. I had to do it. What else could I do?? It was vitually my life. It was my virtual life. He was there,bright as the shining sun. He was eating the world. In fact on the day he was available all new again, he was the most popular search that day. He was proud of it, I was more prouder. As soon as he sprang up, it was there, white a milk.There was nowhere I wanted him to take me that soon enough. That pure whiteness by itself gave joy.

I has to nothing much. Tell him where to go and direct him with the controlled enter ;). The green snake ran below, growing faster by the second. When it reached the destination and so had I. That joy was the most unsurpassable of all. It gave such a high that I smiled slowly to myself.

Usually they where there, two people surrounded my unnecessary crap.I had to tell them my favorite name and then some dots(it was stars also at time) and then I could speak to whomever or wherever they lived. I not only did this once,but atleast 5-6 times a day.It was my life… until I came here to Coimbatore, living away virtually from technology. INTERNET I MISS YOU. FIREFOX WAS MY LIFE.

P.S I’m here in cramped net center cum ticketing agency  which has people shouting about some reservation to UP. I don’t even have my own cabin and there was an inquisitive guy who wanted to pry into my comp over the monitor till i gave him a dirty look 😦


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