Another brick in the WALL?

Yes, it has been ages since I came down to this part of my memory lane. Lot of things have changed since then. Its been almost a year, half of which I spent in Europe, travelling around. Now, if you do let me brag, I am going to say that I did visit 11 countries, including Vatican and Liechtenstein but that is not the point. I have also lost quite a few good friends, some moved out and other moved on. Is it my issue or theirs? I will get their sometime else too…
Now let me come back to what has triggered me to write this down,
How many of you have actually read a blog in sometime? K, my very very old friend, probably the oldest has come with the reason why most of us don’t. Its stupid bloody facebook. Ok, now let me not go into damning Mark Zuckerberg and how he has ruined a lot lives, but when was the last time all of us got down to reading a blog?

When was the last time we actually did look at something else apart from the wall? Aren’t we now building/posting them higher and higher? More and More?

When was the last time somebody did thing Blogging was more fun than facebook? Or how many of us have actually written a blog instead of a note on facebook? Β I actually have slight feeling that most of my old readers/followers/friend would not even read this post?

Its been ages? Are slowly adding bricks to the blog wall??

PS > I am now market this in my facebook wall, Lets See.. Lets See??



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5 responses to “Another brick in the WALL?

  1. swaranlatha

    hey sonny…. you are right as usual and I have completely forgotten that there is a blog spot!!!!

  2. Ajay Srinivasan

    Hi Buddy .. Glad to c u back here after a long time .. πŸ™‚ .. and u r wrong .. still ‘Blogger’ species in not extinct .. may be endangered πŸ˜‰ .. but certainly not extinct till some avid conservationalists like u exist πŸ˜‰ .. and BTW i didnt come here through the promotion u did in ur facebook wall .. i gt here from your gmail status πŸ™‚ …

  3. lol yup I am guilty as charged fb’ing and not blogging enough. Am back hopefully. how have u been ?

  4. yeah, I was facebooked too n left my blog under a blanket of cobweb. Not anymore tx to K. I have dusted those cobwebs and sharpened my typing skills. Time to break the ice with myself again.

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