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Tu meri woffer, mein tera amp?!

Well… I now have had an internet connection since the past 2 months. And i sincerely thank Airtel for increasing my broadband speed all by themselves to 512kbps. Now, what has this resulted in? I download every season of Big Bang theory and top gear the day its released and watch them. I also now have got addicted to facebook. Man that place is so addictive. I actually have missed hang outs because I’m facebooked!

Anyways.. All Izz Well, and I have been seeing am amazing video on youtube a lot very lately. The song is called, tu meri woofer, mein tera amplifier. For all those who still haven’t seen the most amazing Lambhorgini video ever, here it is :

Seriously! I have some view choice words for the video.

Imran khan, as he pretends to be, can be classifeid as a neo punjabi! And man, all he could write about the lambhorgini diablo(am not too sure of that)is that:

1) I can reach upto speeds of 220kmph.

2) When the temperature goes to 40 deg C I turn on the AC

3) And I have black leather seats?

4) And I make sounds while I slam the brakes.

The lyrics can be found here btw:

I seriously do wish that jeremy clarkson/ James May seriously do stumble upon this link. This is the border of creativity going stupid I say. And what a comparison? ‘m your amplifier and you are my woofer? Can you think of something better? I like a girl and I shall call her the woofer? I should imagine that if I did it, then I would be running down the airport road in Lawspet as though the REAL diablo was behind me! But apart from all that, the song is quite addictive, you would want to see again and again as to how he has not tried using the V12 engine to go ahead of the cops who are chasing him, but instead he decides to make weird hand movements so that he may look cool. And the cops also don’t take this opportunity to arrest him. The only comment I have for this is : Why are the lyrics so lame? You have a car, you have a babe(?) and the ┬ácops are behind you ass, the most creative you got : just look at what was infront of you and think of a woofer and thought of another look alike, the amp and was happy about them?! Even if you did look at the dashboard, didn’t you see a satnav in german or even the speedo meter.? God!


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