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*** The finer details of 3 IDIOTS?

Well I think its been ages since I was inside the blogosphere…  In fact I have been having a literary block!!! There has not been a single book that I have been able to finish reading in the past 6 months, if fact I have not even been able to reread Harry Potter(considering that fact that I can tell all the spells  in the series by heart with the meanings, it is BAD) And have not been able to infact sit down and type a post here… well lets say am now trying to get hitchhike back to the road from which I might have gone. It is douglas adams I believe who has relieved me from this stupidty…

Well I usually do not write reviews of movies. The last one happened to be this, my thoughts about one missed call. Well if it is one movie that has caught my interest in the past months that I keep watching arbit scenes of it when I’m really bored and nothing to do is 3 idiots. Not that I’m a great fan of Chethan Bagat, but yes I do think the way Aamir has made a very nice movie out of a stereotype Hindi novel book. It is a very great improvement from what he tried to pull of in Ghajini. And yes the whole movie is made very nice and the scenes that matter and the ones that actually convey the esscence of the movie are really well made. For instance the scenes after which Raju Rastogi falls from the 3rd floor. If you carefully notice there is blood even on Rancho’s face on one side, the left which is normally where a right handed person would place the head of a person you are trying to hug. But yes I did hear from some doctors that the crap about mind alert and body dead was kinda crap.  Another part in the movie that I liked very much was the part in which Joy Lobo’s guitar is actually named.  That makes a lot of sense. Well I personally have seen a lot of friends with named accoustic guitars.

There also a lot of other parts in the movie that actually make you feel good. Like how crappy the education system is and all one is equipped to do after coming out of college is start running the rat race without actually realizing that even you are going to win it you are still going to be say a Bandicoot instead of a dormice?? Also I have seen many friends who’s parents buying them a laptop the day they got their job, which leads us to by and large a looming question, What has a laptop to do with placements? Hmmmm…. Well apart from all this I do like the way Chathur starts of with Born in Uganda and brought up in Pondicherry. Well yes, I have seen quite a few people like that IN pondicherry, but none of them in an IIT. Most of them swatty rich and owning some shop on Mission street. Well but the part about knowing limited knowledge of Hindi can be true and also can be extrapolated to me as most of my today’s colleagues would agree 🙂 🙂 And yeah I almost forgot… Nice choice of cars from the rich and fa(st)mous Lamborghini Murcielago to the fact that Nissan X trail is a very good option if you want to travel all the way from the Delhi to the Himalayas. It must have been a nice drive. Also that part in which engineers feeding exotic animals for results might sound very funny.. But I personally know 2 people who feed the temple elephant in pondicherry even today. They fed it when one of them knew only 1/2 a unit of networks and when the other went to attend an interview. They fed in carrots( and not banans because the mahout specifically said that she(lakshmi, the elephant) might have very loose stools due to the high banana content in her diet, bananas isn’t it??) religiously from 4th semester of college and still do(after almost 4 years) pray to it when they have specially difficult delivery dates of project at work!!  There can be many finer details of the movie that I can keep going about on and on like, wearing mum’s watch on a special occasion to ambidextrious prof’s in pioneer institutions of this country…. ans yes I must say. Its been a very long time since we had a movie who’s title track was actually worthwhile!!
P.S : I know this a very desperate attempt start writing again, and yes the post might sound very arbit and unconnected. Hope better ones follow.



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