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In the presence of e-mailing enemies!!

Its been a really long time since I wrote anything. In fact its been a long time since I even thought of writing something. God save what is left out of my ability to think. I know!! I think I’ve lost it again.

Also, I’m getting to meet a lot of new kinda people. Well what the hell? Will tell you more about them

There a particular clan, who’s eyes always travel to the nearest INBOX where ever they are standing. If you have one of these guys sitting close to you, you are a gonner. Don’t even think about writing a mail. From no where in a whizz of wheels(doesn’t even bother to get up from his chair) he/she is going to put a long arm across you, for a moment you are confused as to from where did it come, then lo!, he/she i’s gonnna rewrite the mail for you and then comment upon every other mail you have got.

Now there is the other kinda guys. These guys are just gonna read your mail. When you look up and ask what? They’ll just turn red, some are show shameless that they just smile and say nothing. After sometime/days you are gonna overhear a lunch time conversation about you and that specific e-mail!!

Apart from this there are those who send forwards with pictures of babies/flowers in them. And they are guys. I don’t want to comment anything more on Ahem!! I still know a guy?? who send me a GOOOOOD MOOORRRNINGGG!!!!! mail with some baby/kitten/flower in it. Dude seriously, pink’s the word. Can’t think of anything else.

Oh yeah, here come the next kinda guys, they work with signatures!! Damn!! they have one for team mates, one for your manager, one for his manager, one for his customer and even one for forwards!! The best among these will have to be the one he/she attaches when he/she’s send the forward. It will have messages on life,health and happiness. Half of them are copied from some movie,book or sometimes even from advertisements. They now need to get a life. Ah I forgot,they would like to thank and pay regards to people who they send e-mails in all the languages they know. I know a person who sends regards to you in english,hindi,tamil,kannada and german. WOW!!

I’ve nothing more to say about people and emails!!! AMEN!!!


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