Washington ill Oru Nitchyadartham!!

One of my cousin today is here. He had actually attended the Nithcyadartham of the 21h century(or should I say 22nd??). Don’t worry its not a keanu reeves dubbed in tamizh but is just an engagement between two really tech savvy family who are saving a really lot of money through the human network!! The guy and gal are in the US, rest of the family here!!

The ponnu and the paiyan are in some state(geographically) that most of the people in the family are unaware off. All of them were happy for one reason. BOTH OF THEM ARE IN AMERICA!!!Β Β  I actually did not know that Bharat Matrimony has such far reaches… Now coming to the point, the two fathers were sitting straight backed and full of pride, with a Dell Inspiron 1525 in front of them, inside which ppl could see the going to be bride and groom ogle eyed(it was 4 AM there!!) and they had a vadhyar mediator in the middle with all the parupu thenga, veshti,vethala, paku,palam, patani( I would really like chiili gobi and that mushroom kalan admist!!) The one thing that was really surprising was the clean crisp A4 sheet that was there, which was taken out carefully from a pro looking file by the paiyan’s father!! It was for the agreement, and the vathiyar was the witness. It was really like the scene out of THE GODFATHER when the 5 families come down, sit and talk to strike a deal. The Tattaglia family met the Corelones!!

Now all this had happened and the deal stuck(It was an offer you couldn’t refuse!!) people in both sides of the world ate and it was discussed over a long distance call(thanks to skype) that tasteΒ  Sri Krishna Sweets can’t be beaten anywhere, there was bit of weeping(mostly by the mothers) and too bad a hanky or saare pallu couldn’t be shared over the internet!! Various issues were discussed that I have never heard of in a normal Tam Brahm wedding. Issues regarding Visas to whether they could take stainless steel/ silver pathram to US after marriage were hotly debated between the daily newspaper reading and the “I have an email account so I’m great” mamas. for the first time, people knew that a wedding can happen across the globe!!simultaneously. Some mami’s where also debating whether the vadiyar’s physical presence in the room was an utmost necessity and did the virtual presence actually count?? Can the powers of the mantra be transmitted in under sea optic fibres??!!

All of this done and a lot of conclusions reached that should be added as info blocks to the scriptures and rules governing tam brams, everybody came back home happily!!



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11 responses to “Washington ill Oru Nitchyadartham!!

  1. Wow.. thats quite something.. I’ve seen those cisco ads.. But to know that something like this has happened in a our fraternity is quite something else πŸ™‚
    So how have you been? πŸ™‚

  2. Nithya

    mine might be like this’aa? ketta vaarthai yellam don’t want to use in public.. i have seen engagements with everyone except mapillai… mapillai alone US’la irukaan.. πŸ™‚ these things are common now.. convenience, and with all the visa issues..

  3. lol!! nice one!! I guess the parents were really happy that both bride and groom are Indian and hindu…otherwise they would have needed a priest as well!! πŸ˜€

  4. @Aparna: Cisco ad days have become true!!
    @Nithya : I seee…. we see… Lets See….
    @kaddu : Priest?? Judas Priest?? Worth fighting for??

  5. kaddhu

    no priest as in priest who conducts a christian wedding…it is priest, right?

  6. Parents would be more than happy if their son/daughter (in America) gets married to an Indian (doesnt matter if its native Indian, because some think its all the same.)

  7. @Kaddu Ok ok cool…
    @Xylene Rightly said… I personally knew somebody who married a russian!! He had to married her thrice, once in the country they live in, once in India and once more in Russia!! Boy same mistake thrice!!!

  8. Lol! Never witnessed or heard of such an event. Amazing! Must have been some entertainment πŸ˜‰ Wish I was there to witness all this… or, I hope it happens to my family too soooon πŸ˜€

  9. Rohini

    I loved the satirical humour in this post.. hope that’s what you intended it to be ;)…
    Most of these are already happening when it’s US maapillai.. Visa discussions, leaves, Krishna Sweets!! The webcam and engagement across geographical locations is something new.. Enjoyed reading it..

  10. @Dhanya : Lets See… Lets See… πŸ™‚
    @Rohini : Thanks!!! Nanri Akka!!

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