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Know what?? I have learnt the power  of two new things. I can Ctrl C and Ctrl V all the time. I realized that I have been so much addicted to it when I sat with my dad filling up some dumb forms the other day. There were three forms that had to have the almost exact same details, for different purposes. That’s when I told him,”Copy paste iruntha nalla irukum illa??”.  You won’t believe how much of copy pasting I do.

-> When I change my password I copy the new password and paste it in the *Confirm new password column*

-> If more than one login has the same password I copy from the previous site and paste it.

-> The same thing goes to my username *moukound*

-> I have begun to paste printf statements in the small C programs that I sometimes(very very rarely) write.

->  I copy paste mails helluva lot. 50% of the mails I send are not fully composed by me!!

-> Lately, I’ve copy pasted *hi’s*,*oi!!* to people on gtalk!!.

-> Googling!! What I type in that small right corner of the mozilla firefox’s google bar also is copy pasted these days

-> I have not typed a variable name more than once for a long time now.  Ctrl C and Ctrl V works all the time.

->Hell, I even copy paste ppl’s name from the previous mail or from the contact list.

-> I also don’t like the tools that follow Ctrl Ins and Shift Ins thingy. Can’t they just stick to one standard??

-> I have also copy pasted the arrow that you can see in the beginning of the line all the time now!!

This is a really really dumb post, but hell I’ve not Ctrl C’ed Ctrl V’ed it. Its original 🙂

P.S. All the Ctrl C and Ctrl V in this post have also been Ctrl C’ed and Ctrl V’ed from the first one.



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