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Crouching Bull Dog and Hidden Dragon!!!

I have got my ability to think back!! Guess who should I thank?? I solemnly thank three people for this. They are Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Bryson and Marta Kauffman & David Crane. Ok that is four  I know. But yeah I have been reading a lot of Kurt Vonnegut and Bill Bryson on my way to work and  back home and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I know I should be giving the discs to the guy whom I bought it for, but JC also loves them, so the guy to whom originally belongs will have to wait.

Now apart from this what have I done?? I saw Crounching Bull Dog and Hidden Dragon. That’s what I would like to call the hindi Aamir Kahn’s version of Ghajini. Seriously people, if you had any preconceptions that it was going to be one of those movies that might impact the way you think like Taare Zammen par or RDB you are WRONG!!

Aamir Khan must seriously think before choosing the a movie. Asin has been throughly wasted. I know her role in Tamil was impeccable, but in Hindi something is seriously wrong!! Sutrum Vizhi Sudare and Oru Malai Ilaveyil Nerum can’t be beaten by tu meere adaa…. Surya can get away with a flick like that, but i doubt the die hard aamir fans can take this. Beat this Aamir walks about 1km in 15 mins and beats up 22 people. Yeah i counted during the last part of the movie. And boy, if I thought NayanThara had the ability to act dumb, she has been surpassed by Jiah Khan.  And i thought you had to be intelligent(atleast a teeny weeny bit) to get into a Medical College. Which kind of a idiot on the road is going to take Jiah Khan as a doctor.Come on all you medicos, do something about this!! Do you guys run away from the scene of an accident without helping a guy whom might have actually saved your life?? And in the last parts of the movie all she does is follow the trails of 22 guys who are wirthing in pain, tripping all over them?? And I thought all mum’s told us when we were 3 to look where you walked!! I know I still get that from my mother sometimes when I trip on the road. Mrs.Khan plz call up you daughter and talk to her.

The best part in the Tamil version was the first half, where Sanjay Ramaswamy says about thala genuthkum thannambikikum oru nool alavaku than stuff and all is sooper. You cannot totally  beat that part!! Aamir wears what I will call a Banian and goes in a BMW car. Can’t he stop showing to people that he was the sole bread giver to a gym owner for 6 months??The last thing which I still couldn’t understand is why was the villian’s name changed to Ghajini?? Wasn’t the name supposed to signify the determination of Sanjay ….. to kill the guy who made him like this?? Or did A.R.Murugadas suffer from a short term amnesia himself and forget history?? Mohammed Ghajini was the reason for the name in Tamil right??

The worst thing that  happened to me when I went to watch the movie was that I had bought 85 rs tickets and realized that I had to sat in the 3rd row, one behind the 10rs tickets rows. People if you are watching a movie in screen *4* of the KG big cinemas please don’t take the 85rs tickets. Go for the 10rs ones!!



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