Mile sur mera tumhara??!!

Oh my gawd!! I have lost my ability to think!! I know it does sound very strange but yes. Apart form listening to the same songs in my MP3 player again and again I have not been doing anything creative!! I know cheh!! I need to get a life and fast. So now that I’m back home,(ok I can blog only when I’m home, you could have guessed so much) I have been watching a lot of those good old videos on You tube.

I was surprised that I could stil remember almost all of the lyrics of Mile Sur mera Thumara. Why don’t we have songs like that these days? Where have all the good ol people gone? I was surprised to see Bala Murali Krishna on TV. These days you don’t get to see him. Even if its Diwali or Pongal or some auspicious day like that you get to see a lot of other Great(yuck) people. Last time I tried watching Ongal Diwali Sirappu Nigalchi(it was Chi!!) I got to see a lot f dumb actors lying how good they were at school. Hell if you were good at school you would be somewhere else now dancing around in the cheapest suit possible and still get paid millions for it.

Now when was the last time you saw Kamal Hasan in an Natinal Integration song? By coincidence thebus in which I was travelling home form Coimbatore had a TV and they were showing Vasool Raja M.B.B.S the change in how he looks was like OMG!! I was seriously wondering if he needs help.

Mile sur Mera Thumhara!! National Integration has become a thing of the past. People now are not bothered anymore about what our culture is? Are the TV shows that we see these days so much related to culture( I am not even commenting of the quality of movies that we get to watch these days). Every Amul ad or even the old asian paints Ad that used to come on had some part that had the National Integration in it.People considered the Indian Army an integral part of all the ad’s.Now all we can hear ppl talk is about how their state is better than others. Seriouls ppl all I can say is get a life. Where did all the SST(social studies if you don’t remember the subject) go?? All the maps we drew and all the maps we bought for fun go? I still remember my big bunch of India Rivers and India States. Boy did we have a fun time coloring them!!

I am going to stop here.  Somebody told me that all my blogs are saddistic and I think it becoming true. I always have started thinking why is the world so crappy?? 😡 Cheh!!



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4 responses to “Mile sur mera tumhara??!!

  1. Maya

    Hey… There’s no need to be cynical.. the fact that u found these songs online after all these years says somethin:)

  2. Rishi

    Dude… u rite. GET A LIFE !

  3. Adarsh

    Hey new age cultural cop..Yes, the times have changed but still we have movies like Munna Bhai and RDB ,Yuva etc and the youth are actually more focussed and patriotic.We have to accept the change but I agree with u that we should not forget our rich past.

  4. Enna dee, romba thaan polambare.

    Peter vuttathu porum, poi ethavathu uruppadiya pannara vazhiya paru 🙂

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