Mumbai attacks to K TV, What a connection!!

Well at last it does feel good.. Mama Am home!! After two whole months of no internet(orkut,gtalk and wordpress) at all, now am like a free bird. Well after going through my blog surfer tab I do find that lots of people have lost their creative thinking. Are all of you staring at the computer for 10 hours a day with a coffee mug in one hand?? Life has changed to a lot of people after the Mumbai terror attacks i guess, but suddenly everybody’s jumped into the bandwagon and have started writing about it. From the thina thanthi(I now read it in the morning Tea Kadai) to the DW tv that I get through my satellite televeision at HOME everybody’s going on about the Mumbai terror attacks. People I know this is something big but, please start thinking about what you write. Inida Pakistan relationship blogs have become very common these days, especially if you are living in one of  the border towns(both sides I must say) and are educated!!

Also I see that people also like to do tags. You can find all forms of obsure tags that ask you which kind of hair color you would like Kareena Kapoor to have to the ones that think they are going to be the questions in the next million dollar american game show. Well yeah it could also be remade with SRK and telecasted in the subcontinent next year. Coming to that I never was able to watch even one episode of Kya App Panchvi Pass…. It was never to the calliber of KBC.

Wow those days when KBC started I still remember there was a guy in my school who used to play KBC all the time. He would fgo around people asking questions from  the show and ask “Are you Confident,Sure??, Lock kar diya jaaye” not necessarily in the same order. After that I don’t think there have been any game show that has captivated our audience so much. I still remember, as a kid how I argued with Appa to make calls to Junior KBC so that I could (try and) win 1 crore!! Al l what I got for the reply was, “Who do you think pays you telephone bill.” Now  I have a phone and the most freakish call I have made from it was to K TV I guess. Thanks to Rik,J C and the hotel where I stayed(for free!!) as soon as I joined job, which had a TV. Well we were that jobless that we were trying out numbers of Neengal Keta Padal types shows and trying to talk. And yeh finally when we got through that guy wanted me to MIMICRY. I told him I could talk like someother person.  The guy on the show(wearing on of the reddest T shirt I have seen) asked  me who I was going to talk like, I replied my friend JC, and that guy hung up.


Oh my god! Mumbai attacks to K TV, What a connection!!



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4 responses to “Mumbai attacks to K TV, What a connection!!

  1. Anoop

    good….. but stick to one topic dude…

  2. Lol ..
    I agree with ur point on tags ..
    they are silly .. 😛
    but u know they come as a rescue when i suffer from writer’s blog 😛
    It also builds rapport with fellow bloggers 😛

  3. daniel

    Don’t get me wrong,but the whole essay seems incoherent.The elements do not sum up to give uniformity of thought,expression and feeling.
    I regret my tone,but i’m being unprejudiced in my opinion.Lastly,I don’t understand what you were trying to prove !!!!

  4. @Anoop
    Well am having what I called a bloggers block, tryin to overcome it with writing crap!!
    I write crap posts instead. And someday I hope I will get back to form 🙂
    Can’t help it man. Think I’ve lost the ability to think coherently

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