He sat there. http://www.icicibank.com/pfsuser/customerservice/internetbanking.htm was open. He swore loudly. Why wasn’t he able to do it?? SAVE!! Everybody he met kept telling him the same mantra. When the payslip came,payslip never came these days, the amount was just credited to the bank account.”Oh god, the bank account”, he thought. If he didn’t call those retards there he would be having a medical insurance against his name for which he would be paying Rs.5000 every year. The best part was the insurance guys gave you the money if you where in the hospital for more than 4 days. Who went to the hospital these days?? He usually called a girl who had studied in the same school with him and now was AIIMS doing her PG in some branch of medicine he never asked her.Usually it was the same dose of antibiotics(he had had his last course only a month ago) or the fact that his back and head where constantly aching. He actually knew that going to the doctor at the end of the road on one Saturday evening might actually cost him less than his phone’s STD bill. But still that’s the only time he talked to her.He did talk to that junior from college whom he was seriously hoping about, and there was always the other girl who was in the floor above his, but still he couldn’t talk to mum. It costs calling up home ya. All the details he had to hear. Suddenly he was pulled back down to the earth, he had no money. He was poor. Yeah he did wear a pair of woodland shoes and his bathroom slippers where branded PUMA. He did POWERDRESS everyday to work and on Fridays went in clothes that had a brand tag hanging in every possible place. Even his socks where branded damn it!! Every-time he went shopping(which he did every sunday because it was boring at home) he bought couple of trousers and three shirts. Diwali is just a couple of months away and yeah we do have durga pooja before that. What about pongal?? Shouldn’t you look good at work? What will do by saving all that money? Are you going to take it to the grave with you? There where the questions that the clothes asked him whenever he saw them. But still he was poor. Should I ask dad to credit 3k to my account? He had just paid the rent to his landlord and has about 3 more weeks in the month. How could he have done it? He had sworn to himself exactly a month ago, “whatever happens, I would save atleast 10K the next month and another 3K goes into the Bajaj Pulsar buying fund.”But before that he needed those ray ban glasses. The sun’s UV rays might spoil his eyes. He might go blind. What was 5000 rupees before eyesight?? And in the morning when he went to drink tea in the corner shop down the road he had to wear the Nike shorts or those reebok tracks he had bought last week. He did swear to himself that he would start gymming(become a gympanzee??) after he had bought them. But the gym costs. He was POOR. All this had to be sorted out. Or he wold have to pay TAX. Why should he pay tax now? He was already paying taxes for whatever he was buying. Even the fortnightly meal he ate in pizzahut had tax included in the bill. He did occasinally glance at the neighbouring comp when the same website was open. How could that idiot have such a beeg bank balance? and worse part was the neighbour was going onsite in the coming month. Won’t people laugh at him there?? The neighbour didn’t even have a pair of Levi’s latest reg tags. How great he was. He proudly owned three of them now, so that he could wear them in turns on Fridays. But still his question remained unanswered. HOW CAN HE SAVE?? SHOULD HE START DOING THE COST CUTTING MEASURES LIKE HIS ORGANIZATION??



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11 responses to “HE WRITES I

  1. swetha

    hmmm if wat u have written is true then m sure the standard of living condition in india has jumped bars up……. quiet astonishing man

  2. shanti

    “he” means u????

  3. gympanzee? lol!!!
    If this refers to you then please accept my deepest sympathy. I’m 17 an my dad buys me whatever I want (as long as it seems useful to my studies-“I can store my lessons on the 80gb ipod and read them on the bus journey to school…instead of staring out the window.” I got a nano…but it was worth the bargain!! 😀 )

  4. kaddhu

    btw…if u want to go to the From the annexe page in my blog, the password is- “open sez me!!”
    copy the statement above, minus the quotes…and paste it where the password has been asked…thats where I’m blogging now… 😛

  5. @swetha lol, yup…
    @shanti ask me no questions, i’ll tell you no lies.
    @kaddhu/kaddu thanks for stopping by, 80 gig i pod in school? 😮

  6. kaddhu

    lol!! no i got a 2 gig nano…after asking for an 80 gig ipod…and thanx for commenting in the annexe!! Now I’m gonna show it to my bro… 😀

  7. kaddhu

    btw…it’s actually kaddu, but it wordpress wouldn’t accept that as a user name, so I made it kaddhu… 😛

  8. He should cut his credit/debt card in two and throw it… That way, he’d have to depend on the ancient techniques of going to the bank and withdrawing money… And he works 5 days a week, and he’s too lazy on weekends… Money’s safe… 😀

  9. Already the hotels in Bangalore have recorded a decline in their customers.
    Is it because of the recent meltdowns? IT folks firing. I am guessing.

  10. @ Nikhil He has roommates… all of them lend/borrow frm each other!!
    @Xylene :0 cost cutting i guess!!

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