Third Mistake of My Life

Read my last post and a couple of them before that. One can clearly make out in what kind of a situation I’m in now. No internet virtually. Office I have settle with my intranet page that is as vast as the www and guys above me keep telling me to search stuff in it. yeah i recently joined and training is still on. So its like i’m back to being the smallest kid on the block. but that only TIME can tell. All I can is as I’ve told always Lets See… Lets see…

So what do I do keep myself occupied? I read. And I read like hell. Almost done with 6 books since the past 2 weeks. Considering the fact that I still spend 8 hours a day sleeping ,around 8 hours in workplace and couple of hours everyday up and down cross cut street or around the race course, I’m into what I would like to put it as A BOOK READING SPREE. Now for all those non familiar people generally once i get into a spree its difficult for me to get out of it and I’ve a great brother who’s just given me 5 more books to contend with I AM HAPPY 🙂 :).

So here it starts. Guess what the first book I read was??

The Three mistakes of my life by chetan bhagat, yeah it was my third mistake too. Yeah i was one of those failing engg aspirants who were spell stuck by the way 5 point someone put IITs to be. Only did I much later realize that such things couldn’t even happen in a movie let alone real life. Yeah that was my first mistake. Thinking the world of Alok and how he actually managed to get (in!!) his HOD’s daughter. Well there was a time when I actually brainwashed some of my friends into trying out to being the nutcase 5 pointer, thankfully Pondicherry Univ was liberal not make me below 7 point someone and after my final years project grades now I’m happily above 8 point someone. that’s still low considering the fact that there is an girl in my class who poignantly remains 9.5 point someone 😛

Now came the second mistake. I actually have a close call between one night @ the call center and the Vertigo by Ashok Banker. I did like Banker ramayana but the Vertigo was completely Bonkers and i actually found the same kind of feeling or sensation when I read the same books one after another. By now I ha grown up and knew that life wasn’t like that. But still hell man, if I started a book I had to finish it. That’s how I finished a lot of books. Even Gone with the wind, yeah I actually read it. That has a valid reason why to i read it which I will divulge when time comes.

Well.. now come the third biggest mistake of my life. It was the latest book Mr.Chetan Bahgat hero had written. First two pages I knew what was coming. Religious fanaticism, the earth quake, a bright young boy and chick whom he sorry, sleeps with so that he has to get into the worst trouble in that particular secnario. Well in the end it alwasy happens to be our hero who comes to the rescue. Can’t he find somebody else?? Well as I rule i decided no more of the Bhagat crap. And yeah I would seriously tell you about how one can actually curse himself for buying that book and spending a whole lotta time on it and in the end wanting to stop the office bus and feed the book to the cow that is passing by. Now I’m looking for a loser to swap books with me so that I can permanently get rid of it. I would even swap it to Blaguruswamy’s ANSI C. People I’m not joking. Want it?? please leave your e-mail id in the comment space. Gurantee that I would take care of even the courier charges for both the sides 😛

UPDATE: people people just now somebody who reads my blog as soon as its written made me google our ever rajnikanth like hero mr.Chetan Bhagat, Salman Khan’s now him. yeah he’s acting in a movie that’s called Hello. Its based on the second mistake and the night down where you get a call frm god Himself. K you have to watch the movie 😉



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9 responses to “Third Mistake of My Life

  1. 5.someone was a better read than the other two.

  2. amulya

    heyyy.. well i disagree here as well…i think his books are gr8 n 3 mistakes of my life was the best d of d lot!!! okay maybe its a lil too unreal bt atleast u can relate to it( at sum level!!!even u appreciate how alok got(in!!) his hod’s daughter!!)as in its better than a man looking for his treasures in sum desert..god! that book was a pain!! N well book reading spree is good…atleast it keeps ya busy! if i didnt hav the book i wud surely be in for the swap!!:(( N i will give u my balaguruswamy ANSI C for free!!pl take it!)( I HATE C!)
    Learn ta appreciate his ideas…c, i appreciate urs…admist eerything u still managed ta show off that u r an 8 . sum one… wat say eh???;)

  3. Chetan. Bhagat. Sucks. Period.

  4. M1

    mind the splellings man… do i have to complain to amma??Btw what r the other books kak gave u?

  5. @Xylene Yeah, the first mistake is always the small one
    @amulya You need to read more… Dil mange more!!
    @K 🙂 🙂
    @maya No No not the english teacher 😦

  6. The 2nd didnt live upto the hype ad the 3rd one was a total let down..
    He’s sorta falling into a cliched story line. Throw in x, y and z in propotions, whip up a fury and voila.. There you have a book!!

    PS:: X – friends, Y – family, Z – a love affair.. 😛
    Makes sense??

  7. Harini

    yeah i totally agree with u man.. disgusting book..!! hez written the book in some rajini kanth/ chiranjeevi style!! gosh!!!
    twas such a waste of time readin it.. thankfully i didn waste money on it.. i stole my brothers’ book 😛

  8. If you like Hindi movies you shouldn’t mind reading Chetan Bhagat’s 3rd book. It had all the masalas in it- romance, cricket, communal angle, action, friendship and a villain. As you said his first book was his best but this one is meant to be forgotten like most Hindi movies after watching them once.

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