Every day in the morning it was the same. I had to do it. What else could I do?? It was vitually my life. It was my virtual life. He was there,bright as the shining sun. He was eating the world. In fact on the day he was available all new again, he was the most popular search that day. He was proud of it, I was more prouder. As soon as he sprang up, it was there, white a milk.There was nowhere I wanted him to take me that soon enough. That pure whiteness by itself gave joy.

I has to nothing much. Tell him where to go and direct him with the controlled enter ;). The green snake ran below, growing faster by the second. When it reached the destination and so had I. That joy was the most unsurpassable of all. It gave such a high that I smiled slowly to myself.

Usually they where there, two people surrounded my unnecessary crap.I had to tell them my favorite name and then some dots(it was stars also at time) and then I could speak to whomever or wherever they lived. I not only did this once,but atleast 5-6 times a day.It was my life… until I came here to Coimbatore, living away virtually from technology. INTERNET I MISS YOU. FIREFOX WAS MY LIFE.

P.S I’m here in cramped net center cum ticketing agency  which has people shouting about some reservation to UP. I don’t even have my own cabin and there was an inquisitive guy who wanted to pry into my comp over the monitor till i gave him a dirty look 😦



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6 responses to “INTERNET-MY LOVE :( MISS YOU

  1. Anand

    Oh poor guy……

  2. @anand You really read the blog. Thanks 🙂

  3. Dhanya

    ha ha!!sooo sad of u!!hope u will get back ur love soon!!!get a laptop !!

  4. Get a (real) life, dude!

    The folks at your workplace have brains, that’s why they’ve banned the ‘net out there – they want you to work, that’s what they pay you for 🙂

    Slog your butt off for some time, save up and buy your own.

    All the best!

  5. @Dhanya Will yasponsor me??
    @K You keep proving yourself that you are THE MAN 😉

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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