Indian Olympic Opening ceremony 2008 :P

Well I just finished watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and it was awesome. Boy can the Chinese do it well. Now what if India had hosted the Olympics and the opening ceremony was in delhi?? or Mumbai atleast?? Well the first question that comes to my mind is “is there so much space somewhere near a city that we can develop an Olympic village??” I think we won’t find a spec of land till Gurgoan or Noida near Delhi, and Chennai you either have to reach tirupathy on north or pondicherry[:)] in south.

Now lets say we have found such a huge peice of land, even in middle of the andaman island. Who’s going to be who in the opening ceremony??

I half expect akshay (singh is king) kumar to slide down a rope from mid air carrying the Olympic torch. Yeah the artistic gymnasts would be put to shame by him. A thumbs up bottle in one hand and the torch in other. Taste the thunder baby. Now there will next be Shah Rukh King khan who will want to get into the contingent of athletes and other participants. A case will be shortly lodged with the Olympic association following which King Khan will give press conference stating that he will extend support to the athletes from outside. The dialogue we had been hearing from the left parties for such a long time.

Oh yeah, the last leg of the torch will be carried by none other than sachin tendulkar. Who else have we got? With a MRF bat in one hand and torch in other he will last leg to light the Olympic flame. Or you never know due to an aggravated groin injury or stress in the back after so many days of practice he might pull out. Fill in with M.S.Dhoni. Punch line “drink milk, not beer,carry torch”!!

Now that the we have decided who must carry the torch, saif also will want to be part of the torch relay. He looks good on screen, why shouldn’t he carry it?? Aamir will boycott the Olympics. Darsheel safary will be the youngest person in the history to actually carry the torch. Rajnikanth will be the stadium cheering the athletes and might actually in one more movie that has him winning 10 Olympic golds.

Now there has to be a lot of cultural programs that portray our 10,000 year old civilization. There has to be a stiff competetion between aishwarya rai and mallika sherawat on who will dance? Mallika might have to settle for the closing ceremony :P. We might also have somebody young from one of the top political families who is going to be in the spot light so in the next election campaign it can be an achievement in the manifesto. What can this country portray as the spirit of Olympics?? And even if we manage to find the people worthwhile who is going to shut up all these people who want to be in the media spotlight

P.S: This might be one of my worst posts yet. M1 certainly says this shouldn’t be published.



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12 responses to “Indian Olympic Opening ceremony 2008 :P

  1. Anoop

    ind n olympics..
    he he
    not in d nxt 100 yrs

  2. Sivaguru

    why Anoop? see this time…
    India will rock for sure…

  3. It wont be that bad dont worry..

    We can surely find land in Bihar or any other deep interiors..

    And it isnt bad to dream πŸ™‚

  4. Add to it…

    Thirumavalavan and Vaiko fighting over carrying torch not being a tradition of Damil culture and the dire need for it to be replaced by “Neerarum …”

    Sonia trying to explain how BJP was against good interests by not favouring Olympics in India and how they won a vote of confidence to host Olympics….

    Last, but not the least, A bunch of terrorists killing half of the Olympics participants … Munich? na, worse!

  5. @anoop @sivaguru All i say is Lets see.. Lets see..
    @shankar You are the MAN now!!

  6. amulya

    a list of must watch movies for ya
    1. rang de basanti…watch it will tell ya nxt one soon!
    INDIA rocks man!!
    just cos china did it doens mean India cant!! c’mon!

  7. Rohini

    Partly agree to Amulya.. not that the olympics is an impossible feat for India. but God knows how many billion dollars these politicos will swindle using this as an opportunity though πŸ˜‰

  8. @amulya Only bollywood can achieve such feats. try the common man
    @rohi pointa pudicha ka nee πŸ˜‰

  9. K

    Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel

    Why bother about the Olympics? I’ll be happy with nobody dying of hunger, farmers not having to irrigate their fields in the middle of the night because of power problems, just to name two.

    Who cares what China does? Let’s put our house in order first!

    And Moukound, good satire – you need to get rid of your opening “Well”, though. And improve your writing style while you’re at it πŸ™‚

  10. vsuvarna

    πŸ™‚ i guess we are pissed about more or less the same thing. but i wanted to put it in a different way. was very impressed about the way the chinese worked things out.
    more than whether we guys should participate more in olympics i was stressing on the idea that our country is not motivated enough to take up things πŸ™‚
    we need to learn good things from others.

    loved your post.. really funny!

  11. @K Again the man speaks
    @vsuvarna Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  12. you re right about the bollywood overruling the sportsmen at Indian olympics ! Thats for sure.

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