One Missed Call….Might be a soul through the Cellphone :P

Well recently I have contained my movie watching spree. Ok its down to almost one movie a day. Now that I have exhausted Josh’s harddisk it only depends on Anand(not the K one ;)) and his ability to download movies at the wee hours of the morning. So recently I saw the Bee movie. Awesome stuff, that reminded me of the good old animation I had enjoyed as a kid,right from good ol toy story to cars. Well after the bee movie and dasavatharam(any mention of the mukunda song and I’ll disown my name) I just watched ONE MISSED CALL.

Oh my J D Krauss. Even if Dr.P.D. heard of this movie the idea would take it out of his mind. I mean it people. The movie is based on the fact that supranatural things(that’s a whole plane above super ;)) ok waves can travel through cellular phones. A soul travelling through cellular phones. Ok now that I have just finished my 8th semester I can almost clearly recall that the frequency of operation of GSM phones it 850Mhz. Think about that, next you can see the soul on your Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. And, I’m a bit imaginative, We could next have an experiment in the final semester examination titled : Deduce the following soul and plot its waveform. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Perhaps we could simulate the soul in MATLAB?? That’s a better idea. Its just a waveform and I would want to know how its frequency spectrum looks like? So such a possible does exist then what do you know each of us will have a distinct spectrum. So take my soul modify mine using whatever you want, even pen and paper… BOOM you get somebody else’s. Say Albert Einstein??

So what??

I can actually have anybody soul.What if I perform interference between two souls?(don’t say its a love connection) Do they interfere constructively or destructively?? And what frequency bands do they produce? Then then then I’m bugged and running out of ideas.. ALL HAIL SOULS AND SPREAD SPECTRUM COMMUNICATION.



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15 responses to “One Missed Call….Might be a soul through the Cellphone :P

  1. Swetha

    OMG!!! mukund now i kno u were faking all the times u said ur not too smart… man i seriously don remember a word in CMC a paper m dreading n look at wat u jus wrote bout… good one on ur name… lolz u stuck me tho wen i heard tat song!!!

  2. dharini

    good one…

    u r a highly imaginative person…keep it up!!!

  3. @swetha @dharini
    Watch the movie. U might not want to miss the call 😉

  4. Ajay

    hey dude … i seen the movie b4 u … bt ur review went over my head … splly the tech part … really sorry man … but i do think of u everytime i hear tht song … :))

  5. Bhuvana

    You are more than just ‘a bit imaginative’. :):)

  6. Very imaginative!
    All credit to 🙂 to your movie watching spree. What happens now – //its down to almost one movie a day//.

  7. Good one mukund.
    Had a good laugh.
    Reminded me of a digital coder decoder circuit we built in lab which gave a diff freq o/p than the i/p.
    So beware if you start analysing your soul.
    You might end up having mine.
    May be you can think about building a koodu vitu koodu payara machine 🙂

  8. @Bhuvana & Pr3rna Merci. Merci beaucoup.
    @Nithya That was a good idea.You mean a frequency synthesizer right?? We can multiply souls now :0 Koodu vetu enuru kooduku panja soul might get distorted(which is bad) so cell vettu cell ke payatam 😉

  9. Rishi


    Retarted as you are, i cannot credit you for imagination. The only thing i can give u credit is for being guilty of not doing your homework.

    Lets look @ a phenomenon popularrly known as white-noise; some imaginative people(not unlike you) have attributed this ( am not reffering to the gaussian variant) to EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

    Add to this the multi-verse,multi-dimension physics, you have with yourself a whole lot of spectrum that is not generally visible. Now to answer the CRO question, that needs a little pondering – what hardware you’d need to actually tune into that kind of frequency – or frequency mixes. Since i’ve not seen the mentioned movie, i cannot comment on the same.

    btw… read Ender’s Game and flowers for Algernon. Ender’s Game for the imagination and Flowers for Algernon cuz its perhaps the best novellette i’ve read.

  10. @Rishi. Oh great soul,thanks for doing my homework then.

  11. Anand

    ya its me anand….mukund as usual u r creative interesting…its better to give u more movies nd we shall have so many interesting comments… rather than watching the movies….

  12. So Yama would be just giving us a missed call? 🙂

  13. hmmm….the movie surely has brought out your complete imagination to the fore…I like movies which influences us quite heavily and makes us think for a few moments….keep on with your movie watching spree…nice reading!

  14. @anand The movie man has spoken!!!
    @xylene 😀
    @kalyan Thanks a ton!!

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