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One Missed Call….Might be a soul through the Cellphone :P

Well recently I have contained my movie watching spree. Ok its down to almost one movie a day. Now that I have exhausted Josh’s harddisk it only depends on Anand(not the K one ;)) and his ability to download movies at the wee hours of the morning. So recently I saw the Bee movie. Awesome stuff, that reminded me of the good old animation I had enjoyed as a kid,right from good ol toy story to cars. Well after the bee movie and dasavatharam(any mention of the mukunda song and I’ll disown my name) I just watched ONE MISSED CALL.

Oh my J D Krauss. Even if Dr.P.D. heard of this movie the idea would take it out of his mind. I mean it people. The movie is based on the fact that supranatural things(that’s a whole plane above super ;)) ok waves can travel through cellular phones. A soul travelling through cellular phones. Ok now that I have just finished my 8th semester I can almost clearly recall that the frequency of operation of GSM phones it 850Mhz. Think about that, next you can see the soul on your Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. And, I’m a bit imaginative, We could next have an experiment in the final semester examination titled : Deduce the following soul and plot its waveform. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Perhaps we could simulate the soul in MATLAB?? That’s a better idea. Its just a waveform and I would want to know how its frequency spectrum looks like? So such a possible does exist then what do you know each of us will have a distinct spectrum. So take my soul modify mine using whatever you want, even pen and paper… BOOM you get somebody else’s. Say Albert Einstein??

So what??

I can actually have anybody soul.What if I perform interference between two souls?(don’t say its a love connection) Do they interfere constructively or destructively?? And what frequency bands do they produce? Then then then I’m bugged and running out of ideas.. ALL HAIL SOULS AND SPREAD SPECTRUM COMMUNICATION.



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In The Presence Of Enemies Part I

There are some basic rule that you need to learn when you want to start living in the world instead of just going around with the crowd. For one you need to know how to behave IN THE PRESENCE OF ENEMIES. This is something I have never learnt. Every time I get into a tough spot and somehow manage to find a way out of it I’m happy for sometime. But as i recount my actions within myself or to somebody else I find that there is a much better way or actually getting out of the problem than the method I have followed. Now all this going around the problem and past it makes me want to take the tiger comparison again. But I will refrain from doing so. Then I would become like one of those boring bollywood music directors who have run out of ideas so much that they either copy music or try and change a scale in their previous number to derive the current one. Well lets get back to the topic, one other trait I have not learnt is how to avoid embarrassing questions. Now that I have a new job( that I will be shortly joining) everybody I meet keeps asking me the same question in different ways. The stereotypical rocker of pondicherry asked me “How much bread da??” “What will you do with it??”. One of my friend’s mum who’s a bit old  and inquisitive asked me “Masathuku evalo thara??”.There are shrewder guys I have met. They actually want to know how much I will be earning but don’t want to make it look obvious. They ask “The tcs/infy/cts pay is blah blah blah,is yours comparable??” Then I’m like ” yeah don’t worry..”, But they still plough on and say ” I want you to choose the correct one.. you see wrong decisions can…” before they finish I either give them a blank look or openly tell them I can take care of myself. What do these guys think?? I can’t do math?? or I can’t see that they are doing math?? well you never can help them. There is another question that I’m very accustomed to these days. When I say that I’m a veggie and I (almost) don’t eat non veg. The next question is The next   “Are you a brahmin??” Well and I say “yes”. There are a few gentlemen and ladies who leave it here. There are those who want to know if I have ever broken my supposed tradition and touched meat. Then there are those who ask me ” Do you atleast eggs??” When I tell them “yes occasionally” the next question that comes pronto is whether my parents approve of this? I ask hell what is there problem man?? I might eat egg, frogs, even smoke pot. What is their problem if life??I know people whom I have met for the first time in a common party who will want to know everything about other people’s life including how much phone balance you have.I once met a guy who actually took my mobile the day I met him to go through the contacts :P. I know how do even get along with these people?? Well I’m going to stop now. There has been a very common complaint from a lot of my friends that my blogs are big. There will be “In the presence of Enemies Part II” for more of these.


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The Last Mimzy – Scifi Flick??!!

Well I am recently going through a movie watching spree thanks to Joshua and his harddisk which has about 50 odd movies released in the span of last two years. I did see some worthwhile ones like the pursuit of happyness and the Bourne trilogy. Yeah, sadly i haven’t watched enough movies when I was in college. The movie which I found funnier than The Simpson’s Movie(yeah believe me!!) was THE LAST MIMZY.

After watching the movie the first thing that crossed my mind was “Is this one of those we are the spartans or scary movie kind of comedy flick??” but it has too less sex and too high retardness to be categorized is this genre’. Well the movie started off with what I thought was ok. A teacher teaches some students a story of how a scientist tries to save the humanity. The scientist here is dressed like the Dalai Lama. Yeah if you have not watched the movie you are allowed to go back and read that sentence again, The Dalai Lama and is supposedly proficient in quantum physics and nanotechnology.

Now he has with great difficulty sent back the secret to save the humanity back to the past. Now the viewer might expect something that is like the Terminator to come back. But we find a mysterious box that lands up on the shore where two small children are playing. Sadly there is a small girl whom the director has tried hard and failed to portray like Bo of Manoj Nightshyamlan’s Signs. The girl(Rhiannon Leigh Wryn) has indeed acted very well and it seems she couldn’t even read during the time the movie was taken so her script was read out and she memorized it. Now all this apart lets get back to the movie.

Back to the mysterious box which contains a Bunny Rabbit that reminded me of the one in the Blaupunkt advertisement and the rabbit can talk.Don’t worry not like the one in Alice in Wonderland,but it can make electronic voices that only our little Bo look alike can understand. In the mean time her elder brother takes all the other laser beam/micro chip looking toys from her and tries to play with them. But know what lo, he can hear the sounds of the universe through them.

Now enter science teacher who knows everything from mutation caused by pollution to weird drawings of the forbidden monks of tibet. He has a buddist chick(who’s a american native and was converted to buddism) who can read palms. Our universe hearing boy draws pictures in his science notebook that accurately resemble the depiction of universe in the ancient tibet. This was the my limit. Boy how much can they get into a movie?? From a small kid trying to save the world to stop polluting the planet to ancient dark secrets of the west. If you thought this was it.

Enter Micheal Clark Duncan,yeah our big fat huge bodygaurd guy who is working for the FBI. Now our small boy who has the other *toys* to save the universe plays withe them and creates a blackout that hit whole of the Seatle city. So Macho man Duncan now thinks this is a terrorist plot. He is woken up in the night when he’s making out with his wife and is called to the office. He sets up a task force in a place that imprenetable and finds out that exact location that started the blackout. Meantime our little Bo look alike has trances and levitates like some scary movie. believe me I’ve seen the exact scenes in horror flicks where the soul of the puppet enters kid’s body. Now the science teacher’s chick reads the children’s hands and proclaims that these are the hands of destiny which the mother refuses to believe. Now the parents think it time for drastic action. But at this moment the FBI macho man comes in with a swat team and arrests all the family. When they examine the bunny rabit which by now gives directions to the Bo look alike what to do they find that it has a INTEL logo in it. This is the limit. Tibet Monk scientist from the future works for INTEL??!! boy o boy…

Well rest of the movie goes as expected the children escape from the FBI security compound. Atleast they didn’t fight any guard on the way. Go back to the place where they found the toys and send back a tear(pure DNA) of the Bo lookalike to the future to save humanity which has been  corrupted  then.The FBI macho man as usual come in the end to witness the spectacle and says” is there anything i can do??” Now this is not all, in the closing scene they show a future school where children fly away from the teacher after school is over and guess what they have handmade shoulder bags that I see people of Aurobindo Ashram using. Well in the yesteryears my mum used to call them jolna pai. Don’t know how that name evolved but still yeah!!!

And now please do watch the movie. It rocks


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