Tiger at the doorstep- petrol prices and pondicherry

Well I call Pondi(pudu)cherry my home town. Its supposedly a sought after destinations for a lot of things. Browse the internet shrewdly and you will know what all can one get cheap in Pondicherry. Its almost like everything that supposedly has the forbidden fruit’s happiness or should I say kick is available for cheap here?? One can get loads of stuff on the road. All you need to know is where to look for, the best part being everything is close by as the city is small.

All this apart, the damning of the standard of living and the spoiling of the original heritage can be saved for some other great day when I personally get affected by all this to a great extent that it makes a lasting effect in my life. Well yeah that’s how people are and that’s how I am. Even though there might be a tiger waiting outside your doorstep you will fail to realize that it even exists till you wear your shoes, open the latch and place your foot outside. That is when you will wake up from the self imposed slumber and either start shouting for help and damning the tiger or more shrewdly you will find a way to go past it.

Now, what happens if there is no way past the tiger?? Will you just stay indoors and miss the fun? Or will you wait for the government to come and catch the tiger for you?? Now consider a hypothetical situation that you live in an apartment and the neighbour who shares the doorstep with you also needs to get rid of the tiger. Are you one of those who now either call the neighbour and tells him that there’s tiger in the common doorstep?? Or will you somehow tie the tiger to the neighbour’s latch( say be sedating) it so that its your neighbour who’s going to bear the total brunt of the tiger and find an alternate path out of your house(say through the kitchen window) even though it might be a bit inconvenient for you?? Or will you somehow dispose the tiger off even without your neighbour noticing??

All of this is happening now. The central government is still undecided on the petrol price hike. And without petrol our days fail to ignite let alone start. Now the petrol bunk owners here are suddenly shrewd. Hoarding is gallant. They claim that there is no petrol left in the city. I still can’t believe how a city that has 5 petrol bunks within a 1Km radius can go dry of petrol?? There are all kinds of atrocities that are happening. I’ve heard of neighbours stealing petrol from nearby parked vehicles. I was waiting in a petrol bunk from 2000 hrs today till 2130 hrs, only to be sent back claiming that even their tank that hold the petrol is empty. I saw autodrivers hitting each other and literally going to each others throats because an equal share of petrol is not being awarded to everbody. I saw huge guys on old remodeled bikes with scars in their faces(which indicates something about their profession) filling litres of petrol in a cans and being stopped by no one. I heard a friend say ” my dad get 15lts of petrol free per month, we will manage with it.” But what happens to the poor hapless guy like me who knows nobody big or cannot cunningly find a way round the tiger?? Do I wait in the queues forever?? or the best start walking around?? Let see Lets see….



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5 responses to “Tiger at the doorstep- petrol prices and pondicherry

  1. Justin

    lets see…lets see.. dear mukund wants me to comment on what is self admittedly…. he he… so here it is,,,ur spot is too dark for me to see anything properly and if u dont change the background ,this will be the last time i m seeing this…anyways congratulations on having used ur time for doing less stupid…

  2. dude change ur glasses. How do u manage to read stuff on the blackboard?? AND btw increase the font size of ur browser too

  3. Justin

    k so you start an arguement for showing you have umpteen replies…??? he he i say stupid

  4. maya

    hey, there was a story.. booker prize i guess… the life of pi… with a tiger and pondy of course!

  5. @justin thanks for ur comments… These will be taken seriously into consideration at the next board of directors meet.

    @ maya thanks… booker?? me??

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