Project I

Well the best part about the whole engineering course is the project. It gives you a sense of satisfaction(if you have done the project on your own) that you have learnt something from the 4 years of meaningless staring at the books and trying to understand them the night before exams. Now I had the most fun time doing the project. I started of with a guide who let me have my way for almost a semester and a half. I didn’t realize for a long time what I had to do. My guide gave me a link and told me to download and read it. The worst part was you needed an journal account to read the paper in the link. So I sought the help of my more fortunate friends in rich colleges to download the paper and mailed it to me.

The paper was more than Greek and Latin to me. There was some very big story about what are wireless sensor networks and how its coverage is calculated.Honestly, I’ve never been able to understand the algorithm proposed by the authors till date(considering the fact that my project now stands completed).Then my resourceful guide downloaded a e-book on wireless sensor network and gave it to me.I made my batch mates print it out.Yeah the poor guys printed our 250 pages and spiral bound it for me. Now this was something interesting, to read something remotely related to the prescribed curriculum. That always is fun. I read the whole book and wrote stuff on the side margins which were mostly unrelated thins like lyrics of rock songs,poems or swear words. It took me about a month to finish reading the book and another 15 days to understand the vague parts in it.

After I finished reading the book, for a few glorious days I was the happiest man alive on the face of the earth. I thought I had achieved something great. After a week I realized that though I could make out what the authors were trying to convey in that paper but I still can’t make a supposed project out of it. In the meantime people in the class started deciding on stuff like what programming language are they going to use for theย  simulation of their project. The only language that i tried to learn was C. People where talking about NS 2,opnet and bigger terms. The idea of learning a whole new programming language seemed scary to me and thus I never took any steps towards learning them.

In the meantime my generous guide quit he job as a prof in my college. I now leached myself onto another prof. My new guide took me in and spent hours with me trying to make sense out of the paper.I still don’t know whether the guide actually read the paper or just told me how to make a project out of it.But somehow I sat through a couple of sleepless nights and three days of lectures in college and made the algorithm. Well the rest of the story will be continued.



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3 responses to “Project I

  1. Anoop

    i do also have sweet memories to cherish regarding ma project…
    abe moukund.. hope u know it ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. dharini

    nice blog…

    waiting to read d remaining part…:)

  3. will finish it. writing the blog’s a bigger task than the project itself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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