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Project I

Well the best part about the whole engineering course is the project. It gives you a sense of satisfaction(if you have done the project on your own) that you have learnt something from the 4 years of meaningless staring at the books and trying to understand them the night before exams. Now I had the most fun time doing the project. I started of with a guide who let me have my way for almost a semester and a half. I didn’t realize for a long time what I had to do. My guide gave me a link and told me to download and read it. The worst part was you needed an journal account to read the paper in the link. So I sought the help of my more fortunate friends in rich colleges to download the paper and mailed it to me.

The paper was more than Greek and Latin to me. There was some very big story about what are wireless sensor networks and how its coverage is calculated.Honestly, I’ve never been able to understand the algorithm proposed by the authors till date(considering the fact that my project now stands completed).Then my resourceful guide downloaded a e-book on wireless sensor network and gave it to me.I made my batch mates print it out.Yeah the poor guys printed our 250 pages and spiral bound it for me. Now this was something interesting, to read something remotely related to the prescribed curriculum. That always is fun. I read the whole book and wrote stuff on the side margins which were mostly unrelated thins like lyrics of rock songs,poems or swear words. It took me about a month to finish reading the book and another 15 days to understand the vague parts in it.

After I finished reading the book, for a few glorious days I was the happiest man alive on the face of the earth. I thought I had achieved something great. After a week I realized that though I could make out what the authors were trying to convey in that paper but I still can’t make a supposed project out of it. In the meantime people in the class started deciding on stuff like what programming language are they going to use for theĀ  simulation of their project. The only language that i tried to learn was C. People where talking about NS 2,opnet and bigger terms. The idea of learning a whole new programming language seemed scary to me and thus I never took any steps towards learning them.

In the meantime my generous guide quit he job as a prof in my college. I now leached myself onto another prof. My new guide took me in and spent hours with me trying to make sense out of the paper.I still don’t know whether the guide actually read the paper or just told me how to make a project out of it.But somehow I sat through a couple of sleepless nights and three days of lectures in college and made the algorithm. Well the rest of the story will be continued.



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Job Offers I

Well I’m one of those guys who wants more than one offer at the end of his graduation. Yes, I know this concept might be very normal for those of you living in supposed big cities or studying in big colleges. But there still exist places where the colleges have rules that the student can hold only one offer through the recruitments organized by the placement cell. And yes I was lucky enough to get a job. TCS has taken me in. I’m still unaware when my joining dates will be,but let us wait for that.

Somebody once told me that the job sites online can actually find you a job. All the companies though aren’t listed in a single job site. So I took a bolder decision and uploaded my resume in any site that gives a TV ad.Rik also had an idea that it might work so I had somebody to support me. Now I’m unsure whether he actually uploaded his resume or not. Well but the important matter of concern is the mails that you actually landup receiving in your inbox.

I was actually astonished to see this mail in my inbox yesterday. Believe me I didn’t make this up

From: <>
Date: Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 11:47 AM
Subject: H.C.L apply

Dear Candidate,

Ref: Short-listed & Initial Response of Resume online.

Ref: Selection and Initial Response of Resume online. Information for Selection of final Stage in new plants of H.C.L Group of Industries Ltd. The Company deals in Software and Electronics System Manufacturing Business. The Company has been appoint the Candidates for HR,Engg. project Mgmt./site Engg./Civil Engg. Fresh Graduate-No Functional Area exp. Front Office Staff/Secretarial/Computer Operator IT/Telecom – Hardware IT/Telecom – Software

You will be pleased to know that Company has advised us in the selection panel that your Application CAN be progressed to final stage.

You will come to our Corporate office in Delhi Next week after recd. the call latter with Air Ticket by Company HRD. with photocopies of all required documents. First you have to deposit the (Cash) as an Security in favor of Company HRD of Rs 5.350/- in any (ICICI Bank) Branch from your Home City to Company Sr.HRD. Account NO. 017301519878 PANKAJ KUMAR… It will be refundable at the time of Company interview. Your offer latter and Tickets or TA/DA will be send to your Home Address by courier after recd. the confirmation of security deposited in ICICI Bank. The company required all Staff for Delhi,Pune,Bangalore,Ahmedabad

,Hyderabad,Kolkata and Chandigarh Units. The company offered salary 21,000/- to 62,000/- (HRA Extra + D.A + Conveyance + Laptop + otherBenefits) for these requirements. The Job profile and designation will be fix by Company HRD. at time of interview.REQUIRED DOCUMENTS BY THE COMPANY HRD.
(1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents
(2) Photo-copies of Experince Certificates
(3) Photo-copies of Address Proof.
(4) Two Passport Size Photo-graph

The Job Profile, Salary offer, and Date -Time of interview will be mention in your call or offer latter. Your latter will dispatch very shortly after recd. the confirmation of (cash) deposited in ICICI Bank. Last date of confirmation is on Monday 7-04-2008 To- 08-04-2008 on Tuesday We wish you the best of luck for the subsequent and remaining stage.


C-145, Ambika Tower,
Race Course Road, Bangalore
Contact No. 91-9720379429 9997784309

sms :- 72729

To SEARCH, VIEW and APPLY JOBS from your mobile phone, SMS <JOBS> to 58888

The sender talentia of this email has accessed your resume on Please note that there is no charge for registering on Products for which charges are payable are clearly indicated on the site. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to verify the content of the mails sent by the employers/recruiters. Further, you are advised to make appropriate/thorough enquiries before acting upon any unsolicited mail that you may receive from any individual/firm/company, asking for advance payment for any service that they may claim to be offering. does not vouch/guarantee for any such offers made by the above said parties.

The sender of this email is registered with as Talentia Training & HR consultants( ,29, Krishnaswamy Avenue, Mylapore) using

If you consider the content of this email inappropriate or spam, you may report abuse by forwarding this email to:

For a moment as soon as I saw the subject I thought that all the work of filling up those grueling resume kind of applications online paid of. The worst part about filling up those questioners is that, by mistake even if you leave a column empty and click submit, the whole form doesn’t get approved and all the fields become blank again. Now let us come back to the great offer I’ve supposedly got from HCL. Can’t the great guy who composed this rip off spell letter?? or does his company named HCL give out latters?? I wouldn’t have been surprised if he said offer platters. And the great soul doesn’t even know his tenses right. He says the time and date of my offer will be mention in my coll or offer letter. And yeah he himself doesn’t know what sort of a letter he’s actually going to give me. Whether he’s going to call me for the job with the date of joining or offer me one and make me wait.

I also wanted to ask him which Company advised him to progress my application?? Don’t people usually process the applications??

The best part came when he was asking me to deposit money in the bank account for the job? Am i crazy? Pay for getting a job? And what sort of a company fixes a payscale ranging from 20k to 60K per month?? And please do read the line that says something about job profile,date-time of interview.

And please don’t try the number thats mentioned below even if you want to vent the frustration because the call gets charged the minute u start dialing and the answer you receive is that the number’s not reachable.

Am seriously interested in knowing which great soul got this idea and composed this mail. Even a 7th standard student can compose a better story than this.

And now, the sender’s address registered with the jobsite is not Ambica Towers Banglore but its in some bloody house in chennai mylapore.

Job sites do rock.


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