Rock Shop Jargon!!

“Well” as I’ve said it before,I’ll tell you again, WELL is my favourite word to start anything.This was something that happened recently when Rik (Kevin Moore) Sen,Daniel(Steve Vai) Raju, Me and an anonymous person who doesn’t want to be named where having lunch in Daily Breads. For those who don’t know what Daily Breads is, its a restaurant in the Gourbet Avenue in Pondicherry.

Now Daniel, rik and me started discussing some new rating of top ten guitarists that I recently saw on some crappy site and the rating had Kirk Hammet at number 4, but names like Steve Vai,Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen failed to appear. I felt deeply hurt(god knows for what reason) and was openly damning the site. The anon sitting next to me was surprised and was wondering who all these people were??

Now the three of us launched into a great discussion on the proper rating that must be drawn when it comes to guitarists. Unanimously( am not considering anon) Hendrix was  number 1. Now after much debate we  arrived at the conclusion that Satch was second and Vai and Petrucci shared a common third. Though Vai could play the guitar totally out of the world; Petrucci’s powress in the solos of the Dream theater numbers should not be forgotten.

But Daniel still wouldn’t agree. He brought up Ritchie Blakmore and that reminded me Steve Morse. Then the discussion turned to how Deep Purple would have fared if Satriani had continued in the band after his brief stint or should I say guest performance. I still personally wish he could have continued( damn the record commitment with Sony crap). Now who could forget Micheal Angelo?? The anon for sometime thought the conversation was coming back to sane grounds and started something about David and the Sinistine Chappel. You should have been there to see the look on his face when Dan said he meant the guy who invented the “over under technique.” The Great Debate was in no verge of ending. Who more could be added to the list??

Rik just then came to a should I say sane conclusion that ranking guitarists is next to impossible. By then all three of us had also discussed stuff like, whether the timing of Dream Theater in Stream Of Consciousness( Album : Train of thought (2003)) was better or  was it Take the Time( Album : Images and Words(1992)) ?? We had also thrown light on lyrics of Spirit of the Radio. The reggae part in the song had lyrics that are similar to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence”.

Well now that I’ve come here. The Spirit of The Radio says

For the words of the profits were written on the studio wall
Concert hall
And echoes with the sounds of salesmen

And the sound of silence has lines that say

And the signs said, the words of the prophets
Are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls.
And whispered in the sounds of silence.

Now we know why Neal Peart’s such a great lyricist apart from his drumming abilities.

This was going way too far for our anon gentleman who had silently heard the names and words he had never even dreamed about in his life. He suddenly made his presence felt by ordering the waiter to bring the bill. The other three of us realized that by now we had spoken for more than 3 hours about what I would later hear Mr.Anon call Bullshit. Mr.Anon told me that if the food had not been good and had he not been intently eating far more than his share he would have walked out in the first half an hour. Mr.Anon without us noticing had finished not only his 3 course meal but also had tasted whatever the others has ordered, no wonder that I felt hungry just after reaching home from lunch that day. What more can be said?? Never eat with rock maniacs if rock ain’t your cup of tea and even if you have to do so make sure you have company with you,else you will land up like our dear Mr.Anon here and listen about the greatness of things beyond your comprehension.


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