Madagadipet the cosmopolitan town

Well.. I know its a bad thing but I always manage to start every para/blog/email with well. People who correspond with me regularly know that I’ve this habit

So well well well…. MADAGADIPET located at about 23Km from pondicherry its nearest small town and 11Km from villupuram on the NH45A. Mada as I have started it calling fondly is a great place to pass through.

The very first thing that you think when one waits in the busstand in sweltering heat is that why the hell are there no trees?? and why on earth is there an open drain just behind the busstand. Why does the briyani asshole who runs the shop throw the remains into the drain?? Ooops did i call it a drain somebody once told me it was an irrigation canal. The shops there don’t know what a dustbin is. Everything from beer bottles to top up cards find there way into the drain. Cleaning it is out of question. Then there would exist a very healthy mosquito free atmosphere. I almost forgot the chat bajji and all other knick knack shops that crop up in the banks of the drain in the evenings. Where do they throw there plastic plates?? The great drain takes it all

I was actually a very happy person the day the bus shelter came up in the busstand. But alas no use they are now used to tie goats on Tuesdays( the day the santhai opens). Now the bus shelter also serves another purpose. people can poop behind it even in day time without being seen. what a brilliant idea!!

The next thing I’m actually impressed with mada is the number of tailor shops. Last time u counted 7. And 5 of them where on the same road. 3 of them in the same mall.When I say mall here i mean one of those buildings whose staircases are used for people including students to smoke discreetly, and the staircases are what say a foot wide. I wonder if somebody as obelix says well covered wanted to climb what will they have to do? The malls also have a balcony for each shop in the top floors through which one can see the world below which one can also use as suicide points to jump into the great drain or the busy NH45A highway below.

Now another one fact one must always remember is that there exist as many as 4 internet browsing centers on the same goddamn road. All of them are owned by a young man whom the people around consider as a geek. These great men as i’ve noticed have the habit of pressing the break or the home key every time windows boots. what is the use??Ask them not me. Now all these internet centers have an average of 3 computers and 2 monitors that are just lying around. They don’t have CD burners nor can one print papers. All this is actually too much to ask from mada where the only shop that sells CDs charges you Rs12 for some goddamn local CD and Rs14 for a sony CD.

Well the worst part comes when you are trying to cross the road. there is one of those huge rountanas with an abstract pillar in the middle for vehicles to go round and round. Does anybody actually go around?? No!! why?? don’t ask me ask the great people.

Well apart from all this if u really want to know mada get into a villupuram bus after 10am so that u don’t get suffocated by the college crowd and get down. Take the lanes you will bump into an old temple. Come on a tuesday you are still in luck. Witness the typical cattle market of south india where everything is sold and taken back in tata aces!!

Madagadipet all the way!!!


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  1. Urvashi Sundarraju

    hey a good blog…i never noticed things u mentioned abt mada…i never knew tat tat “DRAIN” was an irrigation canal!!now u gotta write abt IIT-Madagadipet!!!

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