I Now Have Guitar!!!

Well now I’am practically a rocker I have a guitar.I know its just an accoustic guitar.And its an Indian made.But both my parents are not comfortable with metal.So here i’am with only an accoustic guitar.Well the reason I have not updated this thing is because i just realized how bad a guitarist I am.I could not even play the F chord(no pun intended).Well so now I’m back to beign a novice or should I say a new born child in the world of guitar doing my finger excercises.I know this is nothing to be ashamed of but now I’m feeling that I could have gone to Joe’s place regularly.I know in the end i’m an idiot.But on the positive side i want to learn guitar with technical proficiency so no more playing(trying to play) metallica or judas priest.From today I’m just goin to be  good old fashioned guitar boy.

This might be a small post because I’m felling bad that i cannot paly the instrument


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