Why This Blog Name??

Well now its time for me to tell everybody why my blog’s name is moukound..see its like this..i live in pondicherry..one of the former french colonies in india…and the influence of french is still very high…they spell even the tamil words..i.e people’s names in a frenchized manner…

some of the examples are here

heard of Thirouvllaouvour??

well he’s the guy who wrote those two line couplets…more commonly known as Thiruvalluvar 
Well  one more deadly example…

What is Castoury??


Its nothin but Kasthuri…one of the quite common tamil names….

and how will you spell kumar??

its coumare 

Ever heard of Mouthoumareammane??

If you are a tamilian u would have…its muthumariamman…one of the all powerfull tamil deities…

Well thus my name…mukund

is spelt as


P>S:The above name also has a story how it came into existence…if you want to know….ask the brothers Kak and Harsh



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3 responses to “Why This Blog Name??

  1. Red

    Hmmm nice knowing the blog & the name

  2. Thanks Red. I’ve almost forgotten i wrote this post!!

  3. Appy

    This reminds me of the restaurant “Madame Shante’s” in pondy. Turns out the place was named after a woman named Shanti!!

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