my first post

Well hi i just started blogin today…so this might be bad…..Well i’m actually a typical adolescent brat who lives in india and goes to an enggineering college….but well i may not also be its up to u judge……i was listenin to say backstreet boyz till say my 12th std but now ho thanx to the two great brothers i have…lifez turned to rock especially metal for me……i first listened to anya by deep purple and from dat day i decide say some 2 yrs back dat i wanted to become a guitarist… i scouted for a teacher first who could teach me to play..thank god(and rik) i found joe…..well i attented his classes frm last november for say a month….then i got busy with my college….and records and stuff….did i happen to mention i hate records….well i hate writing stupid things neatly for one day’s koothu..that’s what they call it in tamil… back to my story…. i did not attend his classes and so did not have a guitar also to play….now again after say all these months 12 to be exact…i’ve taken up my dream fact i’m going to buy a guitar so that i can practice at home…..the buying will be done after my semester exams…they are hell tiring…so hope i do get one….


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