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I Now Have Guitar!!!

Well now I’am practically a rocker I have a guitar.I know its just an accoustic guitar.And its an Indian made.But both my parents are not comfortable with metal.So here i’am with only an accoustic guitar.Well the reason I have not updated this thing is because i just realized how bad a guitarist I am.I could not even play the F chord(no pun intended).Well so now I’m back to beign a novice or should I say a new born child in the world of guitar doing my finger excercises.I know this is nothing to be ashamed of but now I’m feeling that I could have gone to Joe’s place regularly.I know in the end i’m an idiot.But on the positive side i want to learn guitar with technical proficiency so no more playing(trying to play) metallica or judas priest.From today I’m just goin to be  good old fashioned guitar boy.

This might be a small post because I’m felling bad that i cannot paly the instrument


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Judas Priest – The Metal Gods

One of the last surviving prophets of heavy metal, the legendary Judas Priest was formed in the year 1969 by two childhood friends K.K.Downing and Ian Hill of Birmingham England. Together with the high pitched screaming vocals of Rob Halford and the guitar riffs of the band’s two guitarists, Glenn Tipton being the second, Judas Priest can be called the epitome of the NWOBHM (“New Wave of British Heavy Metal”).The band was named after a song of Bob Dylan titled The Ballad Of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest. Though some critics claim that the band has no invention of moves(or style apart from their studded leather apparel)to their name the fact that Judas priest was the first band to use dual rhythm guitars with riffs(which means that both the guitarists played the same repeated part consistently only with small variations in them) still remains.Though some bands before them had dual guitarists none had actually used similar dual guitars.

The Judas priest also influenced the heavy metal genre by introducing the melodic solos or the lead breaks between the riffs which has come along to become an integral part of metal. Many influential rock bands still believe that the Judas Priest’s first three albums namely Sad Wings Of Destiny, Sin After Sin and Stained Class laid the base of the genre called heavy metal and are regarded as the predecessors of heavy metal. The band also started playing more faster and added more metallic sound to their music and the songs such as the one’s in Stained Class where groundbreaking for their sheer speed which was absent during the late 1970’s.The Priest also played slow tunes with a lot of melody.

Though after this many bands tried using the dual lead guitars but they failed to keep up the metallic sound in their music like the Priest did. The early 1980’s saw the Priest shift to more Americanized and songs that are more pop such as breaking the law and living after midnight. The Priest’s later albums such as Defenders of faith, Screaming for vengeance and Turbo where a commercial success until vocalist Rob Halford left the band for an experimental career in grunge and industrial rock. The band was in doldrums until Glenn Tipton and K.K.Downing to a bizarre step(as described by many critics) of hiring Tim “ripper” Owens the vocalist of tribute band named Akron. This was also the story that inspired the story of the movie Rockstar. The Priest along with Owens released two albums, but the dream of Owens was short lived and Rob Halford rejoined the band in July 2003 and immediately embarked of the live performance also headlining in the Ozzfest 2004.Their latest album titled Angel Of Retribution was released of March 1 2005.

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Why This Blog Name??

Well now its time for me to tell everybody why my blog’s name is moukound..see its like this..i live in of the former french colonies in india…and the influence of french is still very high…they spell even the tamil words..i.e people’s names in a frenchized manner…

some of the examples are here

heard of Thirouvllaouvour??

well he’s the guy who wrote those two line couplets…more commonly known as Thiruvalluvar 
Well  one more deadly example…

What is Castoury??


Its nothin but Kasthuri…one of the quite common tamil names….

and how will you spell kumar??

its coumare 

Ever heard of Mouthoumareammane??

If you are a tamilian u would have…its muthumariamman…one of the all powerfull tamil deities…

Well thus my name…mukund

is spelt as


P>S:The above name also has a story how it came into existence…if you want to know….ask the brothers Kak and Harsh


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my first post

Well hi i just started blogin today…so this might be bad…..Well i’m actually a typical adolescent brat who lives in india and goes to an enggineering college….but well i may not also be its up to u judge……i was listenin to say backstreet boyz till say my 12th std but now ho thanx to the two great brothers i have…lifez turned to rock especially metal for me……i first listened to anya by deep purple and from dat day i decide say some 2 yrs back dat i wanted to become a guitarist… i scouted for a teacher first who could teach me to play..thank god(and rik) i found joe…..well i attented his classes frm last november for say a month….then i got busy with my college….and records and stuff….did i happen to mention i hate records….well i hate writing stupid things neatly for one day’s koothu..that’s what they call it in tamil… back to my story…. i did not attend his classes and so did not have a guitar also to play….now again after say all these months 12 to be exact…i’ve taken up my dream fact i’m going to buy a guitar so that i can practice at home…..the buying will be done after my semester exams…they are hell tiring…so hope i do get one….

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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