Another brick in the WALL?

Yes, it has been ages since I came down to this part of my memory lane. Lot of things have changed since then. Its been almost a year, half of which I spent in Europe, travelling around. Now, if you do let me brag, I am going to say that I did visit 11 countries, including Vatican and Liechtenstein but that is not the point. I have also lost quite a few good friends, some moved out and other moved on. Is it my issue or theirs? I will get their sometime else too…
Now let me come back to what has triggered me to write this down,
How many of you have actually read a blog in sometime? K, my very very old friend, probably the oldest has come with the reason why most of us don’t. Its stupid bloody facebook. Ok, now let me not go into damning Mark Zuckerberg and how he has ruined a lot lives, but when was the last time all of us got down to reading a blog?

When was the last time we actually did look at something else apart from the wall? Aren’t we now building/posting them higher and higher? More and More?

When was the last time somebody did thing Blogging was more fun than facebook? Or how many of us have actually written a blog instead of a note on facebook?  I actually have slight feeling that most of my old readers/followers/friend would not even read this post?

Its been ages? Are slowly adding bricks to the blog wall??

PS > I am now market this in my facebook wall, Lets See.. Lets See??



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Tu meri woffer, mein tera amp?!

Well… I now have had an internet connection since the past 2 months. And i sincerely thank Airtel for increasing my broadband speed all by themselves to 512kbps. Now, what has this resulted in? I download every season of Big Bang theory and top gear the day its released and watch them. I also now have got addicted to facebook. Man that place is so addictive. I actually have missed hang outs because I’m facebooked!

Anyways.. All Izz Well, and I have been seeing am amazing video on youtube a lot very lately. The song is called, tu meri woofer, mein tera amplifier. For all those who still haven’t seen the most amazing Lambhorgini video ever, here it is :

Seriously! I have some view choice words for the video.

Imran khan, as he pretends to be, can be classifeid as a neo punjabi! And man, all he could write about the lambhorgini diablo(am not too sure of that)is that:

1) I can reach upto speeds of 220kmph.

2) When the temperature goes to 40 deg C I turn on the AC

3) And I have black leather seats?

4) And I make sounds while I slam the brakes.

The lyrics can be found here btw:

I seriously do wish that jeremy clarkson/ James May seriously do stumble upon this link. This is the border of creativity going stupid I say. And what a comparison? ‘m your amplifier and you are my woofer? Can you think of something better? I like a girl and I shall call her the woofer? I should imagine that if I did it, then I would be running down the airport road in Lawspet as though the REAL diablo was behind me! But apart from all that, the song is quite addictive, you would want to see again and again as to how he has not tried using the V12 engine to go ahead of the cops who are chasing him, but instead he decides to make weird hand movements so that he may look cool. And the cops also don’t take this opportunity to arrest him. The only comment I have for this is : Why are the lyrics so lame? You have a car, you have a babe(?) and the  cops are behind you ass, the most creative you got : just look at what was infront of you and think of a woofer and thought of another look alike, the amp and was happy about them?! Even if you did look at the dashboard, didn’t you see a satnav in german or even the speedo meter.? God!

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*** The finer details of 3 IDIOTS?

Well I think its been ages since I was inside the blogosphere…  In fact I have been having a literary block!!! There has not been a single book that I have been able to finish reading in the past 6 months, if fact I have not even been able to reread Harry Potter(considering that fact that I can tell all the spells  in the series by heart with the meanings, it is BAD) And have not been able to infact sit down and type a post here… well lets say am now trying to get hitchhike back to the road from which I might have gone. It is douglas adams I believe who has relieved me from this stupidty…

Well I usually do not write reviews of movies. The last one happened to be this, my thoughts about one missed call. Well if it is one movie that has caught my interest in the past months that I keep watching arbit scenes of it when I’m really bored and nothing to do is 3 idiots. Not that I’m a great fan of Chethan Bagat, but yes I do think the way Aamir has made a very nice movie out of a stereotype Hindi novel book. It is a very great improvement from what he tried to pull of in Ghajini. And yes the whole movie is made very nice and the scenes that matter and the ones that actually convey the esscence of the movie are really well made. For instance the scenes after which Raju Rastogi falls from the 3rd floor. If you carefully notice there is blood even on Rancho’s face on one side, the left which is normally where a right handed person would place the head of a person you are trying to hug. But yes I did hear from some doctors that the crap about mind alert and body dead was kinda crap.  Another part in the movie that I liked very much was the part in which Joy Lobo’s guitar is actually named.  That makes a lot of sense. Well I personally have seen a lot of friends with named accoustic guitars.

There also a lot of other parts in the movie that actually make you feel good. Like how crappy the education system is and all one is equipped to do after coming out of college is start running the rat race without actually realizing that even you are going to win it you are still going to be say a Bandicoot instead of a dormice?? Also I have seen many friends who’s parents buying them a laptop the day they got their job, which leads us to by and large a looming question, What has a laptop to do with placements? Hmmmm…. Well apart from all this I do like the way Chathur starts of with Born in Uganda and brought up in Pondicherry. Well yes, I have seen quite a few people like that IN pondicherry, but none of them in an IIT. Most of them swatty rich and owning some shop on Mission street. Well but the part about knowing limited knowledge of Hindi can be true and also can be extrapolated to me as most of my today’s colleagues would agree 🙂 🙂 And yeah I almost forgot… Nice choice of cars from the rich and fa(st)mous Lamborghini Murcielago to the fact that Nissan X trail is a very good option if you want to travel all the way from the Delhi to the Himalayas. It must have been a nice drive. Also that part in which engineers feeding exotic animals for results might sound very funny.. But I personally know 2 people who feed the temple elephant in pondicherry even today. They fed it when one of them knew only 1/2 a unit of networks and when the other went to attend an interview. They fed in carrots( and not banans because the mahout specifically said that she(lakshmi, the elephant) might have very loose stools due to the high banana content in her diet, bananas isn’t it??) religiously from 4th semester of college and still do(after almost 4 years) pray to it when they have specially difficult delivery dates of project at work!!  There can be many finer details of the movie that I can keep going about on and on like, wearing mum’s watch on a special occasion to ambidextrious prof’s in pioneer institutions of this country…. ans yes I must say. Its been a very long time since we had a movie who’s title track was actually worthwhile!!
P.S : I know this a very desperate attempt start writing again, and yes the post might sound very arbit and unconnected. Hope better ones follow.


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The day He will never forget. The day *7* of SK4.

Its been almost 6 months since it happened. It will be a day that he will never forget. There were 40 of them. 11800 feet. 4 feet of snow all around. Snow still billowing around as though the  nature will unfurl the fury any moment. He remembered swiss family robinson. If you see that the time interval between the lightening and thunder are reducing, then SIMPLE: The storm is nearing you.

They had started from camp 6 to camp 7. The guides themselves where quite shocked. He has asked them two days ago about the opportunity of seeing snow. All the kids in the batch who had just finished class 12 where quite excited about the idea of SNOW!!!

They had just trekked a full day in ankle deep snow to reach camp6 the day before. If it had not been for the man who had made him join the trek, he would have fallen about a million times. He then knew what friendship meant. What is the meaning of walking so that some other person doesn’t stop.

He woke up in the morning. Went out with a class 12 kid and unloaded in the snow. As he was unloading the content the snow started beating more furiously. He was wondering as he sat shivering whether the weather was going to worsen. Finally after they trudged back to the tent for a cuppa that was getting ready. The kitchen was just about 10 meters away, but somebody had to go out in the freezing cold and get it. The bravehearts finally did it. All they got by the time the tea reached the tent was nothing but cold tea. Nature can even turn 100 to 20 in a matter of  2 minutes.

The small man from Kingeri lead the pack, the guide was ahead of him. The snow was knee deep for the small man.

He on the other hand was with another girl quite behind in the group. Being over 6′ he managed to trudge through the snow. Everybody held hands and walked along for about half an hour, finally to realize that even 100 mts had not be covered. suddenly the voice cam over:”Get back”. Then all of them turned. That was the most difficult part. Went back to the tents. One of them(the tents)  by now had ceased to exist. All of them huddled. His toes were already numb, the new woodlands with the ankle protect he had bought for the “GREAT HIMALAYAN TREKKING EXPEDITION” had become to look like as though they were antique pieces. He swore loudly” Why had he left the gloves in some bloody camp below”. He now had only one glove in the right hand. The left hand was already numb.

By now people were beginning to be scared. The pessimists wanted to go back down, the adventurous wanted to go ahead. He was thinking about the story he could tell.

The sun suddenly peeped, a voice came that they  were ordered to march ahead. It felt as though that they would finally reach beyond the snow. The snow had lost its charm. All of them wanted wet slushy lands again, with atleast dry socks!!

It now came back to him, The time between the thunder and lightenting was coming down drastically. It had been 19 sometime back, now it was 12 and then it became 5. He didn’t even know how long had they walked. The right gloved hand holding the guy ahead and the other hand holding a stick. The stick was his life. He had to prod with it to know how deep his leg was going to go in. If he  misstepped, he would FALL, and roll down 11800 feet of snow.  The person in front of him had celebrated his son’s first b’day just 2 days back, you could see it on his face. all of them where beginning to keep smaller steps.

Finally a HALT. He heaved a sigh of relief, then realized that it was the the worst thing that could ever happen. NEVER stop walking in  a blizzard unless you are behind a shelter. out in the open 40 souls prayed. Half of them confused, rest dazed. For the first time in his life, he saw people fainting due to the cold. Panic gripped him, What if he never went back, what if he never saw mum, what if he never went back and told people that he had trekked the Himalayas. All of them huddled together, the braver ones by now hiding their fear started consoling the rest. The old lady of the group, kept calm even as she could see her 18 year old 4’10” daughter crying. He then realized that all he could do was pray to HIM.

The guides suddenly declared that even they were lost. They couldn’t move forward without the other guide from the next camp.The pessimists started blaming everybody they could find. He still does not know how long the 40 of them with 2 guides waited in the billowing snow for the rescue guides from the next camp to arrive. The Snow all around him. With everybody holding everybody’s hands. With all hearts praying as one. With all of their faces showing only on sign:FEAR. With all of them wanting to go HOME. With all of them consoling the other. With all of them looking at each other and silently knowing that they were as helpless as the other.With all of them realizing how a strange bond was being established between them. With all them knowing that if GOD willed they could be there, Forever.

Suddenly a whistle pierced, the guides had arrived. They had been saved. They did not know whom to thank, where to see.. All of them blindly followed the man. He was like the messiah from above. That is when each one of them rose one step higher and helped the other. Possible or not, help was given. The person helped became the helper in just minutes.

After all of this. When the camp was reached. He took out his camera and clicked THIS:pic

Till date, this has been his desktop background that he sees everyday!!


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In the presence of e-mailing enemies!!

Its been a really long time since I wrote anything. In fact its been a long time since I even thought of writing something. God save what is left out of my ability to think. I know!! I think I’ve lost it again.

Also, I’m getting to meet a lot of new kinda people. Well what the hell? Will tell you more about them

There a particular clan, who’s eyes always travel to the nearest INBOX where ever they are standing. If you have one of these guys sitting close to you, you are a gonner. Don’t even think about writing a mail. From no where in a whizz of wheels(doesn’t even bother to get up from his chair) he/she is going to put a long arm across you, for a moment you are confused as to from where did it come, then lo!, he/she i’s gonnna rewrite the mail for you and then comment upon every other mail you have got.

Now there is the other kinda guys. These guys are just gonna read your mail. When you look up and ask what? They’ll just turn red, some are show shameless that they just smile and say nothing. After sometime/days you are gonna overhear a lunch time conversation about you and that specific e-mail!!

Apart from this there are those who send forwards with pictures of babies/flowers in them. And they are guys. I don’t want to comment anything more on Ahem!! I still know a guy?? who send me a GOOOOOD MOOORRRNINGGG!!!!! mail with some baby/kitten/flower in it. Dude seriously, pink’s the word. Can’t think of anything else.

Oh yeah, here come the next kinda guys, they work with signatures!! Damn!! they have one for team mates, one for your manager, one for his manager, one for his customer and even one for forwards!! The best among these will have to be the one he/she attaches when he/she’s send the forward. It will have messages on life,health and happiness. Half of them are copied from some movie,book or sometimes even from advertisements. They now need to get a life. Ah I forgot,they would like to thank and pay regards to people who they send e-mails in all the languages they know. I know a person who sends regards to you in english,hindi,tamil,kannada and german. WOW!!

I’ve nothing more to say about people and emails!!! AMEN!!!

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Washington ill Oru Nitchyadartham!!

One of my cousin today is here. He had actually attended the Nithcyadartham of the 21h century(or should I say 22nd??). Don’t worry its not a keanu reeves dubbed in tamizh but is just an engagement between two really tech savvy family who are saving a really lot of money through the human network!! The guy and gal are in the US, rest of the family here!!

The ponnu and the paiyan are in some state(geographically) that most of the people in the family are unaware off. All of them were happy for one reason. BOTH OF THEM ARE IN AMERICA!!!   I actually did not know that Bharat Matrimony has such far reaches… Now coming to the point, the two fathers were sitting straight backed and full of pride, with a Dell Inspiron 1525 in front of them, inside which ppl could see the going to be bride and groom ogle eyed(it was 4 AM there!!) and they had a vadhyar mediator in the middle with all the parupu thenga, veshti,vethala, paku,palam, patani( I would really like chiili gobi and that mushroom kalan admist!!) The one thing that was really surprising was the clean crisp A4 sheet that was there, which was taken out carefully from a pro looking file by the paiyan’s father!! It was for the agreement, and the vathiyar was the witness. It was really like the scene out of THE GODFATHER when the 5 families come down, sit and talk to strike a deal. The Tattaglia family met the Corelones!!

Now all this had happened and the deal stuck(It was an offer you couldn’t refuse!!) people in both sides of the world ate and it was discussed over a long distance call(thanks to skype) that taste  Sri Krishna Sweets can’t be beaten anywhere, there was bit of weeping(mostly by the mothers) and too bad a hanky or saare pallu couldn’t be shared over the internet!! Various issues were discussed that I have never heard of in a normal Tam Brahm wedding. Issues regarding Visas to whether they could take stainless steel/ silver pathram to US after marriage were hotly debated between the daily newspaper reading and the “I have an email account so I’m great” mamas. for the first time, people knew that a wedding can happen across the globe!!simultaneously. Some mami’s where also debating whether the vadiyar’s physical presence in the room was an utmost necessity and did the virtual presence actually count?? Can the powers of the mantra be transmitted in under sea optic fibres??!!

All of this done and a lot of conclusions reached that should be added as info blocks to the scriptures and rules governing tam brams, everybody came back home happily!!


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Know what?? I have learnt the power  of two new things. I can Ctrl C and Ctrl V all the time. I realized that I have been so much addicted to it when I sat with my dad filling up some dumb forms the other day. There were three forms that had to have the almost exact same details, for different purposes. That’s when I told him,”Copy paste iruntha nalla irukum illa??”.  You won’t believe how much of copy pasting I do.

-> When I change my password I copy the new password and paste it in the *Confirm new password column*

-> If more than one login has the same password I copy from the previous site and paste it.

-> The same thing goes to my username *moukound*

-> I have begun to paste printf statements in the small C programs that I sometimes(very very rarely) write.

->  I copy paste mails helluva lot. 50% of the mails I send are not fully composed by me!!

-> Lately, I’ve copy pasted *hi’s*,*oi!!* to people on gtalk!!.

-> Googling!! What I type in that small right corner of the mozilla firefox’s google bar also is copy pasted these days

-> I have not typed a variable name more than once for a long time now.  Ctrl C and Ctrl V works all the time.

->Hell, I even copy paste ppl’s name from the previous mail or from the contact list.

-> I also don’t like the tools that follow Ctrl Ins and Shift Ins thingy. Can’t they just stick to one standard??

-> I have also copy pasted the arrow that you can see in the beginning of the line all the time now!!

This is a really really dumb post, but hell I’ve not Ctrl C’ed Ctrl V’ed it. Its original 🙂

P.S. All the Ctrl C and Ctrl V in this post have also been Ctrl C’ed and Ctrl V’ed from the first one.


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